Depth Psychology: MA Program


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Who We Are

The M.A. in Psychology with a Depth Psychology emphasis was begun in 1999 with the goal of providing education and training in depth, Jungian, and archetypal psychology. The program's holistic approach of embodied learning recruits head and heart, mind and body, soul and imagination, in learning.


Students come from all fields of experience, with ages spanning the 20s to the 60s, and they bring a curiosity about depth work and the personal transformation it catalyzes. Our recent Alumni Survey shows us that graduates find that the skills developed in dream work, mythological work, active imagination, art, community ritual, and mindfulness and meditation are used in their work in teaching, group facilitation, mental health services, community services, community projects and initiatives, consulting, coaching, human resources, and non-profits. Artists have found that their work is inspired by the learning in the program, and they have developed new performances and exhibits of their work.

Trees, Looking, Class of 2011

The program is not a clinical or counseling program and so it does not lead to licensure as a therapist or a psychologist. We believe that the program does give training in the essential skills that all good therapists possess; and many of our graduates have gone on to doctoral work in clinical psychology, or work in the field of community and mental health.

The skills developed in the program are useful for anyone who desires to work with others on a deeper level, teachers and facilitators particularly. Activists in community, ecology, politics, art find that the program inspires them and engages their initiative. Those with a vision of a society grounded in community may find that the program offers them skills and a vocabulary to bring their vision into the world in the particular field of their interest.

Class of 2015 Psychology MA Sonoma State

The hallmark of the program is graduates who are knowledgeable, poised, and grounded in their own knowing, who are moved to take the seeds of their learning and plant them in the earth of their own communities.

Grass outside Stevenson