Depth Psychology: MA Program


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Article Evening

The Article Evening is an annual celebratory event for students and the community to share in the spirit of the program, and to publicly acknowledge graduating students´ work over the past two years. Students present their work on their Publishable Article or Master's Thesis. This is a wonderful event to attend if you are interested in finding out more about the program.


This year's students presented their culminating article and thesis work on Thursday, May 10, 5:30 to 9 pm in the Cooperage. Mingling, student slide show, viewing student work, and enjoying light refreshments from 5:30 pm to 6 pm. Parking $2.50. Campus Map.

Class of 2012

The 2012 students

  • Michele Berrong, Shamanic journeying and the bull
  • Kris Boshell, Creative imagination as an alchemical process
  • Susanne Bruggemann, Autism spectrum disorder and sandplay: A qualitative exploration
  • Amanda de Joinville, Transforming matter and transforming self
  • Delinke, Encountering the dragon in shamanic descent
  • Anne Field-Pierce, Time with psyche
  • Cristina Perea Kaplan, My search for Mexican American identity
  • Natalie Makardish, Moving through the tears: Healing through expressive movement
  • Mike Paul Michaels, Psychological dimensions of play: Affective and relational development in two 5 year old boys
  • Ron Boyer, Mythic structure in story-telling: The Wizard of Oz
  • Susan Sides, Creativity in mid-life women
  • Deborah B. Silverblatt, The phenomenal woman project: Mid-life women, art and body esteem
  • Miasha Terry-Hunter, Looking at girls in the juvenile justice system: Lessons learned from group facilitation





























Article Evening

Class of 2017You're invited to witness the graduating master's students' culminating work Thursday May 18 in the Cooperage. Refreshments 5:30 pm, presentations 6-9 pm.

Yes, we're accepting applications

Hand HennaWe're accepting applications for Fall 2017 entrance until May 31.

Information Meeting

LabyrinthLearn about the Psychology M.A. in Depth Psychology on Sat. May 13, 2-4pm in Stevenson Hall 3042.