Depth Psychology: MA Program

Program Coordinator

Laurel McCabe, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology Department
Stevenson Hall 3087
(707) 664-2130 | Fax (707) 664-3113


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Forms, M.A. in Psychology, Depth Psychology Emphasis


Complete 3 forms for application: 1) Program Application, 2) Graduate Admissions Application, 3) Fee Payment Form, with an application fee of $55.

The Graduate Admissions Application and the Application Fee Payment Form must be completed in the fillable PDF version (not hand-written).

Program deadline application date is May 31, 2017. Applicants in April and May should submit the full application containing applications and forms, personal statement, transcripts, and application fee. Letters of recommendation can be sent by reference.

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APA Style 6th ed. Summary Sheet pdf

Jung Citations & References APA style 6th ed. pdf

How to Scan, Photoshop, Save Images for Powerpoint pdf  

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Editing the Article pdf

How to Write an Abstract pdf

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Article Evening

Class of 2017The graduating master's students presented their culminating work on Thursday May 18 in the Cooperage.

Information Meeting

Algeria White LadyLearn about the Psychology M.A. in Depth Psychology in Saturday Information Meetings in Stevenson Hall 3042.

Not accepting applications

de AlchimiaWe're not currently accepting applications for fall 2017 admission. We begin accepting applications for fall 2018 in late fall.