Depth Psychology: MA Program


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Conference Presentations: James L. Jarrett Award

The Depth Program honors students who present at national and international conferences with the James L. Jarrett Award. This prize recognizes students who enter into the collegial dialogue with idea, warmth, and spirit. It´s named in honor of James L. Jarrett, a former Emeritus Professor of Education at UC Berkeley, a philosopher and inspired teacher of Jungian psychology, and the editor of Nietzsche´s Zarathustra: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1934-1939.

Anne Convery

Anne Convery Embracing the Celtic Unconscious: Uniting the Social, Psychic and Spiritual Self through Fairytales. A paper presented at the 2009 National Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Conference, New Orleans, LA, April 8-11, 2009.


Amy Jessen

Amy Earth-based Inquiry: Exploring Dreams, Active Imaginations, and Spontaneous Images via Nature Assemblage. An art exhibit featuring a series of photographs documenting internal images created in the earth, presented at the International Association of Jungian Studies Conference, Greenwich, England, July 6-9, 2006.

Amy Jessen's Work

Vanessa Metcalf

Vanessa Creating Body Consciousness: A Depth Inquiry into Food Addiction. A paper presented at the International Association of Jungian Studies Conference, Greenwich, England, July 6-9, 2006.


Chaz Gormley

Chaz Gormley When Gods Die: The Wounding of the Archetypal Masculine. A paper presented at the 2004 Jungian Society Conference, Newport, RI, August 7-9, 2004.

Michelle Glaubiger

Michelle Glaubiger The Vampire and the Red Queen: A Psychological Exploration of Blood and Darkness, a paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Popular Culture Association, San Antonio, TX, April 7-11, 2004.

Chaz Gormley

Chaz Gormley The Goddess Hestia: An Archetype of Personal and Social Ecology. A paper presented at the 2003 Jungian Society Conference, Providence, RI, August 7-9, 2003.



Article Evening

Class of 2017You're invited to witness the graduating master's students' culminating work Thursday May 18 in the Cooperage. Refreshments 5:30 pm, presentations 6-9 pm.

Information Meeting

malta architecture sacred siteLearn about the Psychology M.A. in Depth Psychology on Sat. May 13, 2-4pm in Stevenson Hall 3042.

Yes We're Accepting Applications

apollo delphiWe're accepting applications for Fall 2017 entrance until May 31.