Depth Psychology: MA Program


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M.A. in Psychology, Depth Psychology Master's Theses (T) & Articles (A)

Master's theses are available through Sonoma State´s Schulz Library.

Class of 2018

  • Tim Olejniczak, Exploring allergies in children from a biopsychosocial perspective: A review of the existing research (A)

Class of 2017

  • Kehaulani Aspen, Encounters with the Self: One woman's individuation journey (A)
  • Kathleen Donnelly, Unearthing the raven stone: A depth psychological narrative on healing from anorexia (A)
  • Todd Harper, Completing the circle: Restorative practice, depth psychology, and the future of education (A)
  • Cynthia Meiswinkel, Finding the key: A symbolic comparison of the effects of early childhood trauma and Type 1 Diabetes (A)
  • Aileen Quinn, The method of mandala drawing and coloring as an art modality used in the treatment of anxiety (A)
  • Danny Thompson, The psychological journey of a non-resident father (A)

Class of 2016

  • Marjorie Florestal, Healing racism's psychic wound: A Jungian approach (A)
  • Eleanor Harding, Slacklining as a mindfulness practice (A)
  • Mark Konezny, Why live? The Self, the shattering, fermentatio, and Horus (A)
  • Margaret Masquelier, A study of transformational relationships in a spiritually-based recovery group (A)
  • Bailey Murphy, Beyond the veil: Relationship with alcohol as guardian of the threshold to grief (A)
  • Dena Watson-Krasts, Rediscovering beauty: An autoethnography of conscious creativity exploring rape culture, grief, and healing (A)

Class of 2015

  • Hamish Eassie, Painted soul: Using symbolic responses to works of art (A)
  • Genevieve Hagopian, Analytical psychology in post-gender discourse (A)
  • Eric Hanley, Beach break: A surfer's journey across boundaries in ocean and psyche (A)
  • Jessica Hole, Cultural imprisonment: Restoring balance to the American justice system and psyche (A)
  • Sil Machado, Faggot speaks: A poetic inquiry into the experience of antigay mistreatment and sexual prejudice (A)
  • Catherine Poloynis, Engaging the unconscious through clay: Ceramic sculpture as exploration (Creative Project)
  • Jody Ressio, My hero's journey through the twelve steps (A)
  • Ariel Serre, Ayahuasca as indigenous alchemy: Understanding and integrating the visionary experience (A)
  • Somer Shook, Healing the motherline (A)
  • Romy-Michelle Unger, From soul to serotonin: Neoliberalism, existential depression, and what's missing in psychology (A)

Class of 2014

  • Susan Audrey, Reclaiming the sacred feminine within: An inner mythic journey toward wholeness (T)
  • Juli Choden, Mandala as a mirror: Self-recognition through creative expression (A)
  • Eileen Clegg, A visual facilitator's self-experiment with story mural (A)
  • Denise Denington, The poetic voice: Retrieving the symbolic voice from dreams of motherloss (A)
  • Kristen Etcheverry, Remembering interconnection: An autobiographical inquiry (A)
  • Marie Judson-Rosier, The alchemical coniunctio of individuation: Transformation during a Ph.D. program as seen through dreams (A)
  • Tomoko Sekitani, Integrating the wisdom of two cultures: Analysis of grief and bereavement in collectivistic and individualistic societies of Japan and the United States (A)
  • Joslyn N. Swinger, Dancing to my depths: A journey into the soul through dance and performance art (Creative Project)
  • Lisa Woods, Dream images for healing: A nurse's personal journey through post-traumatic stress disorder (A)

Class of 2013

  • Samantha Black, Icaro: Sacred song in Amazonian vegetalismo and its relationship to Jungian psychology (A)
  • Susan Coleman, Calling all nations: A celebration of water and belonging (A)
  • Gili Eliaz, The mandala for transformation: A Jungian and Buddhist approach (A)
  • Lauren Farrell, Dreaming for Gaia: Nature dreams of ecologically sensitive people (A)
  • Gordon Gilmore, Hemlock in the clouds (A)
  • Kevin Glaz, The anima and music: A narrative study of the music of Devin Townsend (A)
  • Robert Morris, American cultural myth and the orphan archetype (A)
  • Lisa McCool, Constellation of the therapeutic self (A)
  • Elizabeth Mueller, Archetypal presence: The healing of a traumatic adolescence (A)
  • Jessie Ping Nie, An autoethnographic inquiry into the experience of a Chinese-American marriage (A)
  • Robin Zolotoff, A daughter's journey: A heuristic inquiry and personal reflection of a father's suicide (A)

Class of 2012

  • Michele R. Berrong, The evolution of consciousness: A personal exploration from a depth perspective (A)
  • Kristine Boshell, An alchemical process for individuation (A)
  • Ronald Boyer, The other world of Oz: The threshold passage of Dorothy Gale (A)
  • Susanne Bruggemann, Autism spectrum disorder and sandplay: A qualitative exploration (A)
  • Amanda de Joinville, Transforming matter, transforming self (A)
  • Delinke J. Freed, Personal awakening and transformation through encounters with collective memory (A)
  • Cristina J. Perea Kaplan, Weaving of the wild heart (A)
  • Anne Pierce, Time banking and creative expression (A)
  • Susan Sides, Finding the feminine (T)
  • Deborah Silverblatt, The phenomenal woman project: A pilot study of body image dissatisfaction among midlife women (A)
  • Miasha Terry-Hunter, Looking at girls in the juvenile justice system: Lessons learned from group facilitation (A)

Class of 2011

  • Jestina Azaria, Masks and the art of transformation: A depth psychological study (T)
  • Martine C. Bouvard, Divine Sophia: Psycho-spiritual studies of the Divine Feminine in Corbin, Ibn' Arabi, the fedele d'amore, Jung's anima, and alchemical symbolism (T)
  • Sandra Fisher, Establishing the taproot: An ecopsychological inquiry into the nature of home (T)
  • Rosemary Lloyd Freeman, The heart in the crossfire: An inquiry into awakening the heart to the nature of divine love (T)
  • Jacqueline Johansen, Women, media, image, art: A heuristic journey to meet the body ensouled (T)
  • Teddy Pawloski, Erotic ecology: Earth-based image, identity, and soul (T)
  • Shelby Pudwell, Grief and the dark feminine (T)
  • Niko Whitmire, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and the trickster: A case study of archetypal influence (A)

Class of 2010

  • Marie T. Cantrell, The Loyal Amicus archetype (T)
  • Anne Convery, A bright blooded cord: Healing shame's lineage through storytelling (A)
  • Megan Ingrassia, Transformation through the reconciling symbol: A Jungian investigation of art as spiritual practice (T)
  • Matilde Torallas, My journey and Winnicott (T)

Class of 2009

  • Linda L. Elliott, The puella comes to age: Midlife and psychological maturity (T)
  • Jordan Kelly, Healing and growth through discipleship: A model for men's initiation and development (T)
  • Sandi Peters, Sandplay and dementia: A search for Self (T)
  • Patricia Spence, Sexual abuse: The shadow of colonization in Canada (T)
  • Fred M. Taylor, Individuation symbolism in the parable of the prodigal son (T)
  • Virginia Thomas, Re-visioning the Enneagram (T)
  • Dana Vitorelo, Understanding the numinous experience (T)
  • Gilda Zucolella, Writing as a healing art (T)

Class of 2008

  • Bonnie Bright, Colony collapse disorder: An inquiry into the deep symbolic nature of the vanishing of the honeybee (T)
  • Colby Gillette, An oral portrait of my grandfather (Creative Project)
  • Tamara Long, Transforming the Prince Charming complex (T)
  • Dorene Mahoney, Images of individuation: Using collage to inquire into the nature of disquiet (T)
  • JoHanna McNamee, Pieces and dreams of a healing journey after family tragedy (T)
  • Jacqueline Senator Orcutt, The alchemy of sacred art: The intuitive art process of self-discovery (Creative Project)
  • Julie Ann Perkins, Aphrodite's gaze: Honoring the dark body (T)
  • Kathryn Quick, Listening to the Green Man: Looking at nature in a more balanced way (T)
  • Deborah Salomon, Bridging past and future: Integrating my Jewish ancestral inheritance in a time between religious myths (T)
  • Erin Wiper, Reclaiming the girl in the void: An initiation into womanhood (T)

Class of 2007

  • Anton Cehlinder, Norse archetypal images as found in Norwegian and Swedish fairytales: Christianity's northern shadows (T)
  • Eleanor Davis, From friend to foe: Using depth methods to dialogue with the inner critic (T)
  • Lisa Kubiak, A book of shadows: The wounding of the dark feminine (T)
  • Sarah Rankin, A terrapsychological study of the psyche of Petaluma as found in the stories of the land and as mirrored by my own psyche (T)
  • Chris Schnabel, Mythologizing as nekyia (T)

Class of 2006

  • Monique Aguerre, The inner pantheon: Exploring the hidden realms of the psyche through masks (T)
  • Nanci Haines, Embodied mythology: A somatic exploration of the descent of Inanna (T)
  • Joe Houle, The breath of the soul: Walking the ancient path of the seeker (T)
  • Jake Kaminker, The psychology of relativity: An alchemical model of consciousness, cosmology, and transformation (T)
  • Rachel McKay, She picks the fruit from the tree that she is: On becoming a poet and finding healing through writing (Creative Project)
  • Patrick McMahon, Achilles' shield and the middle passage: Homer's The Iliad and men's transition from mid to late middle age (T)
  • Erin Needham, The wisdom of not knowing: A journey into emptiness (T)
  • Julie O'Neill, Reclaiming the embodied feminine voice (T)
  • Glenna Zogg, Conscious descent into the underworld: A path toward wholeness (T)

Class of 2005

  • Amy Jessen, Nature assemblage: Reconnecting to the feminine through art and ritual in nature (T)
  • Purvinder Kaur, My search for the inner Goddess: An exploration of Durga, Kali, Saraswati, and Lakshmi (T)
  • Silver Love, Empty mind — full belly: A conceptual exploration and depth inquiry into a reflection process of somatic instinctual responses in the area of the hara and solar plexus (T)
  • Zardoa Love, Living the personal myth: A depth inquiry into the use of the personal myth as a process for exploring the magical world of the unconscious (T)
  • Tony Marano, The gift of Ariadne: Seeking the inner stranger (T)
  • Anna Merville, The dance of love: Remembering my sacred sexuality (T)
  • Vanessa Metcalf, Conscious embodiment: A depth inquiry exploring the psychological and emotional undercurrents of compulsive eating and obesity (T)
  • Carol St. Clair, Calling the Goddess home (T)
  • Abdelmalek Yamani, Individuation and Ihsan: A cross-cultural perspective (T)

Class of 2004

  • Eileen Angotti, The weaver's shed: Engaging with the threshold (T)
  • Catherine Bargfrede-Norris, Tracking unconscious energy: A process of self exploration which follows unconscious energy through dream to creative energy (T)
  • Karen Danielson, The transformative power of the labyrinth (T)
  • Tonio Garcia-Romero, Following my bliss: A heuristic journey into the libidinal drive of a musician (T)
  • Chaz Gormley, When Gods die: The destruction of the collective father archetype, psychic wounding, and the quest for healing (T)
  • Claudia Holt, Vessels of transformation: Birthing a personal myth (T)
  • Danielle Kelleher, The green of winter: Growth in darkness (T)
  • Lori Peterson, Eating disorders from an inner world perspective (T)
  • Lora Robertson, Creative process as a path toward individuation (T)
  • Kathleen Sutton, The heart of the feminine: Connecting spirit and matter (T)

Class of 2003

  • Aline Dietel, Essential fire: Redeeming the struggle of conflict for intimacy and transformation in marital relationships (T)
  • Michelle Glaubiger, Unearthing my soul: A woman´s quest to understand her true spiritual nature (T)
  • Sissa Nelson Harris, Disquiet as guide: One woman´s experience of liminality in mid-life (T)
  • Ross Higerd, The leaving place: Curative poisons and the alchemy of chemotherapy (T)
  • Shelly Horan, Developing inner authority: An exploration of identity, voice, and self (T)
  • Felicia Dobrinen Hyllested, Falling down the blowhole of a whale: A heuristic account of an identity crisis (T)
  • Nagomi Ito, Weaving story into meaning: Warp and weft of my Japanese soul (T)
  • Daryn McKeown, The castle beyond the tower: An exploration of the imaginal realm (T)
  • Jay Redelsperger, Harvesting James: Music as an expression of human truth (T)

Class of 2002

  • Catherine Alexander, Becoming gold: An alchemical journey through cancer (T)
  • Vicki Bailey, Journaling as access to the soul (T)
  • Brian Beckwith, A barefooted pilgrim: Manifesting wholeness through ego development (T)
  • Sandra Beddow, Redefining soul: My personal journey (T)
  • Cathy J. Decker, Mandala: An artistic journey into self (T)
  • Sussanna Dimmitt, From maiden to mother: A design for support groups for new mother (T)s
  • Lisa Gilberti, Between homes: The quarter-life crisis experienced as a rite of passage (T)
  • Andi Gletty, Art is my witness: Healing through drawing (T)
  • Juliana Marie Holmstrom, The self-defining feminine: A lesbian woman´s exploration of her subjective reality (T)
  • Lynn L. Marchand, Healing the wound through collage (T)
  • Bethany Mulholland, Understanding self-injury: Building bridges to our inner world (T)
  • Judi Radiloff, The mother, the moon, and the muse: Exploring the wounds of abandonment through the archetypal Great Mother (T)
  • Tracy Whitaker, Ritual: A container for transformation (T)

Class of 2001

  • Robert Abbot-Florez, Masculine identity as transformed through the vision quest (T)
  • Jane Ferris, The lightning way: Dreams, art and transformation (T)
  • Lya Marie Lithgow, Guided by mystery: Dreams and the process of individuation (T)
  • Sara Eve Martin, Chaos to creativity: Archetypal death and rebirth cycles in my life as a daughter of a mother with dissociative identity disorder (T)
  • Jane Nakasako, A creative synthesis of East and West: Finding balance in paradox (T)
  • Leslie Paige, Coming home to myself: A heuristic study of mother-daughter separation (T)

Article Evening

Class of 2018The graduating master's students presented their culminating work on Thursday May 17, 2018 in the Cooperage.

Information Meeting

malta architecture sacred siteThe next program Information Meeting is Sat Oct 13, 2-4 pm, in Stevenson Hall 3042.

Applications for fall 2019

apollo delphiWe will accept applications for fall 2019 admission online on Oct 1 through Cal State Apply.