Depth Psychology: MA Program


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The Labyrinth Project


Sponsored by the Psychology Department & the Depth Psychology MA Program

The labyrinth is an ancient earth-based tool for walking meditation. Participants follow a winding path that leads to the center; and then follow that path outwards again to the beginning. The path of the labyrinth reflects the winding path we all encounter on our own life's journey; and its center reflects our own inner center within. Labyrinths are ancient tools used for body-mind centering, calmness, and focused awareness. Walkers report increased clarity, reduction of stress, and greater calmness after walking the labyrinth.

Lab Center

The Labyrinth Project was initiated by an alumnus of the Depth Psychology MA program whose vision was to see a labyrinth at Sonoma State. The Project is sponsored by the Psychology Department and the Depth Psychology MA Program. The projected site for the labyrinth is on the gently sloping land between Salazar Hall and the PE Building; it´s a very lovely and quiet site fitting for the meditative walking of the labyrinth.


All donations are charitable contributions and are tax-deductible.

Zebulon´s Lounge