Depth Psychology: MA Program


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The Jung Institute of San Francisco sponsors lectures and conferences in Jungian psychology.

The International Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS) is a world-wide network of Jungian scholars, psychotherapists, artists, and practitioners.

The Guild for Psychological Studies sponsors seminars exploring Christianity through a Jungian and depth psychological lens.

Sacred Feminine

Serpentina sponsors lectures and events around the sacred feminine.

The Center for the Divine Feminine at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto sponsors events and gatherings and a listing of articles related to the divine feminine.

The Sophia Institute in Charleston, South Carolina offers events and conferences aimed at integrating sacred feminine and masculine.

The Marion Woodman Foundation offers programs centered around the embodied soul and the conscious feminine.

China Galland runs an Images of Divinity project out of the Graduate Theological Union which focuses on images of the Black Madonna.

Sacred Masculine

Doug Von Koss is a magical elder in men moving together, women and men singing together. He leads trips to Bali as well as a men's gathering, the Noah Project, in the Bay Area.

The Redwood Men's Center is a Sonoma county organization sponsoring groups, conferences and events integrating myth, ritual, music, and art.

Psychology and Spirituality

The Angela Center in Santa Rosa offers workshops in psychology and spirituality.

The Golden Sufi Center offers programs with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, who integrates Sufi mysticism with Jungian psychology.

The Haden Institute in North Carolina offers spiritual direction and dream leader training in the Jungian mystical Christian tradition.

Mercy Center in Burlingame south of San Francisco offers spiritually and psychologically oriented programs.

The Ibn 'Arabi Society offers texts, conferences and information on the work of 12th-13th century Sufi mystic Ibn' Arabi.


The Institute of Noetic Sciences in the hills south of Petaluma in Sonoma County offers retreats and transformative learning workshops in a stunning setting.

Kalliopeia Foundation in San Rafael sponsors people, events and initiatives contributing to the evolution of community and the diversity and oneness of humanity.

The New School at Commonweal in Bolinas on the Marin Coast offers in-person events and on-line podcasts for a contemporary community of inquiry.


Commonweal Retreat Center offers an oceanside retreat center in Sonoma County.

EarthRise at IONS is a retreat center at the Institute of Noetic Sciences south of Petaluma and north of San Francisco.

Four Springs is a 280 acre wooded retreat center in southern Lake county.

Mercy Center in Burlingame south of San Francisco offers spiritually and psychologically oriented retreats.


Depth Psychology Alliance offers a world-wide on-line community of persons, events and podcasts for those interested in depth psychology.




Applications for Fall 2019

apollo delphiWe will accept applications for fall 2019 admission online on Oct 1 through Cal State Apply.


knossos red dogLearn about the Psychology M.A. in Depth Psychology program on Saturday Nov 3, 2-4 pm, in Stevenson Hall 3042.

Public Programs

Dr. Shoshana FershtmanHear Dr. Shoshana Fershtman speak on the pre-patriarchal Hebrew and Greek goddess on Sat Nov 3, 10am - 1 pm in Art 108.