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The Fund for Sonoma State

Annual donations to The Fund for Sonoma State help sustain the unique and in-demand programs that attract quality students and excellent faculty. These gifts are typically unrestricted, but may be designated to the School or program of your choosing. Gifts to The Fund for Sonoma State are an investment in the students, programs and people at SSU and are critical to the university's mission.

Programs Supported by The Fund for Sonoma State
WolfBucks for Books

WolfBucks for Books is designed to address the funding gap and timing issues that students sometimes experience at the start of the school year.  In some instances our students are waiting two to three weeks after the semester starts to purchase their books because they are waiting for a financial aid refund check or their first paycheck.  Wolfbucks for Books helps students start off the semester successfully by providing them with scholarships in the form of WolfBucks, SSU’s campus currency, and provides them funds in hand to purchase their textbooks, food or other supplies before several class sessions have passed.  The Fund for Sonoma State provided 18 WolfBucks for Books awards fall 2012 and our goal is to raise funds to award 50 for fall 2013. Read about our 2012 recipients.

Provost’s faculty student research initiative

A critical element for student success is our ability to offer our undergraduate students a research experience and the chance to work side-by-side with our top research faculty. The benefit of student research is without question.  Every gift has a great impact on our undergraduate students as this enables them to participate in cutting edge research.  Your support of The Fund for Sonoma State will directly impact the quantity and availability of research opportunities for students.  Research experiences can change a student’s life, and you can help make it happen.  Your leadership gift of $1,000 will support a student/faculty research partnership for the academic year.

The Fund for Sonoma State Scholarships

The Fund for Sonoma State Scholarship is designated to provide scholarships to outstanding SSU students.

2015-2016 Donor Honor Roll List
University Leadership Circle

Janice G. Adams

Mr. Laurence F. Akiyoshi

Dr. Donald B. Walker and Dr. Ellen Amsterdam-Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Butch Anglin

Ralph R. Barkey

Ms. Jenifer Barnett

Graham and Talia Brandt

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell

The Chan-Stanek Family

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Clark

John Allen Clinton

Kim and Michelle Covington

Mr. John V. Croizat and Mrs. Barbara Croizat

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Dinsmore

Ken and Dawn Dunn

Ms. Cynthia J. Dusel-Bacon

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Dusenbury

Gail Dutton Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Eber

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Faris, CPA

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Farrar

Mr. David J. Felte and Ms. Nina Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fowler

Ms. Alisa L. Gallant

Gilliam Enterprises

Ms. Stephanie M. Graham

Mr. Justin M. Gross

Ms. Delores A. Headley

Dr. Colin Hermans

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Hernandez

Ms. Cheryl Hiatt

Janice Hitchcock

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Hoever

Deforrest and Bonnie Home

Mr. and Mrs. J. Jay Hurford, Jr.

Ms. Anne P. Isaak

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Jaeck

Mr. Randolph N. Jaffe, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Deepak Kamlani

Lilo and John Kangas

Dr. Ralph and Sarah Lamson

Dr. David R. Lee

Dan and Carol Libarle

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. Lowry

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Marovich

Gerald and Lynn McIntyre

Patricia McNeill and Gabriela Schwenker

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Mills

Ms. Laurie S. Murphy

Jim and Gwen Neary

Mr. Barry A. Nitzberg

Mr. Robert W. Nordhausen and Ms. Charmaine L. Boulmay

Eric Norrbom

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Oblad

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Odello

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ogg

Mr. John Palley

Mr. Allen E. Parsons and Mrs. Bonnie A. Parsons

Johanna M. Patri

Mr. Kenneth R. Pennington, CPA

Mr. Gregory Quilici

Gertrude Reynaud

Dr. Melissa E. Rinck

Ms. Laura Ringer

Sterling and Sharon Sakai

Jean Schulz

Mr. Brad S. Seligman and Ms. Sara T. Campos

Dr. Thalia Silverman

Dr. and Mrs. Harry S. Simms, M.D.

Ms. Kathleen A. Skeels

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sorenson

Ms. Laura E. Talbert

Mr. and Mrs. William Tamayo

Temple Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin L. Thoma

Ms. Elizabeth Trixler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Turner

Mr. Toby Tyler

Mr. Evert J. Verschuyl

Sherry L. Volk

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Wade

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Watson

Lynn A. Weitzenberg

Brent and Jolene Welch

Elizabeth B. Witchey, in Memory of Julian C. Ryer
and Mary Foulis Holme

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wong

Mr. Bruce Nayowith and Ms. Rosalma Zubizarreta

Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Zundel

Lucero Family Foundation

Stuart Foundation

Mr. Charles Bonner

Coleen A and Irwin S Rothenberg Fund

Assoc of Operating Room Nurses
Redwood Empire Chapter-AORN

Bryce L. Hetler, D.D.S., Inc.

Gilliam Enterprises

Taylor Family Fund

Fund for Sonoma State Donors

Ms. Robin Aguillon

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Aijala

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Akahori

Dr. Paul A. Alvarez and Dr. Jeri A. Alvarez

Ms. Lira Amaya

Mr. and Mrs. James Andersen

Ms. Katherine L. Andersen

Jen Paulson-Aras

Mr. and Mrs. Humberto Ayarza

Mr. Jared J. Babula and Ms. Yunjing Ren

William and Karen Babula

Bill Baker

Mr. and Mrs. J. Samuel Balanon

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ballard

Ms. Isabel R. Banales

Ms. Emily Barker

Ms. Dorothy E. Battenfeld

Barbara A. Baylard

Mr. Eric L. Bearden

Mrs. Katherine Lee Beattie

Mrs. Margaret Blue

Ron and Carmen Boitano

Mr. Edmund D. Fink and Ms. Celia E. Bonaudi

Mr. Andrew V. Cable and Mrs. Jeanette M. Borem Cable

Ms. Carla T. Boy

Ms. Carole Brandon

Mr. John T. Branscome

Mr. Donald J. Broderson

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Brown, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron M. Brown

Mr. Christopher J. Brown

Mr. Charles A. Bullen and Ms. JoAnne Etheridge

Mr. Robert L. Burgermyer

Ms. Amanda M. Burke

Mr. Richard J. Burton

Mr. Donald F. Bussey

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Butler

Ms. Sarah E. Cain

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Callahan

Ms. Colleen Camp

Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Carsner, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Casperson

Mr. Todd W. Cereghino

Ms. Lillian M. Chandler

Mr. Timothy Sean H. Chiu

Mrs. Marilyn G. Clapp

Mr. James J. Clark

Ms. Susan F. Coberly

Mr. William P. Cogbill and Ms. Susan L. Canevari-Cogbill

Donald C. Collins

Ms. Marcelle B. Colonna

Lynda M. Coursey

Dr. Katharyn W. Crabbe

Capt. and Mrs. Gregory M. Crawford

Allan B. Cruse

Mr. Charles N. Cummings

Mr. Scott K. Van Cleemput and Ms. Jill M. Davidson

Ms. Beverly I. Davies

Mr. Murray L. Davis

Meredith L. Dean

Ms. Karen E. Devaney

Mr. James T. Dierker

Ms. Elizabeth F. Dippel

Thea and John Dolan

Jacqueline L. Doman

John J. Donovan, Jr.

Ms. Diane Dorfman

Ms. Susan B. Dressing and Ms. Brenda Hays

Ms. Martha E. Duarte-Martinez

Mr. Geoffrey Dye

Ms. Jacqueline A. Egbert

Mr. James M. Engelman and Ms. Claire Witherspoon

Ms. Cecelia T. Estrada

Jamie Evans

Mr. Bryant T. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Bechtold

Mr. and Mrs. Garin A. Ewell

Mr. Christopher R. Fadeff

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Farkas

Kenneth and Lucile Farr

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Faust

Susan and David Feineman

Richard and Barbara Ferrington

Mr. Jonathan Silberman and Ms. Debra Fields

Mr. Vincente A. Figueroa

Charles Fischer

Ms. Beth Flory

Judy A. Flowers

Ms. Susan T. Foreman

Mr. and Mrs. Trevor D. Frampton

Mr. Jeffrey K. Frankenfield and Ms. Camala Kolseth

Ms. Alyssa C. Frazier

Ms. Wendy Friefeld

Ms. Vivian A. Fritz

Ms. Vanessa L. Fuchs

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fusco

Mr. and Mrs. Jose G. Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Garramone

Ms. Leslie I. Gattmann

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Geister

Christopher Gerhart

Mr. Edward F. Gilbert

Barry and Margot Godolphin

Ms. Joanne V. Goheen

Ms. Jean M. Goodman

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Goodrow

Mr. Michael R. Gossman

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Green

Ann Clarke Greenwood

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Greeny

Mr. Scott J. Griffin

Mr. Brett W. Gripe

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. Hairston

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hansen

Robert E. and Sharon Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Hardisty

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Harrington

Mr. Robert S. Hartwell

Mr. Jon Seidel and Ms. Carol Haskell

Mr. David K. Hawk

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Herrault

Ms. Kristin N. Hipp

Mr. Steven C. Hoag

Ms. Christine E. Hoburg

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Holert

Jacqueline B. Holmes

Mr. Kenneth G. Hordyk

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Humphreys

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Hunnicutt

Ms. Kelly McGee Imberman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Isaak

Ms. Erica M. Jackson

Ms. Patricia A. Jacobs

Mrs. Betty J. Jelks

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Jennings

Ms. Vineta R. Jiandani

Mr. Brian Wedderburn and Ms. Vanessa T. Johns

Mr. and Mrs. Greg K. W. Johnson

Mr. Dan Rhodes and Mrs. Roberta L. Johnson Rhodes

Ms. Norlene M. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Juram

Ms. Ruth R. Karlen

Susan and Michael Kashack

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kautsky

Charles Kent

Ms. Deirdre Kindthistle

Paul E. H. and Mary E. King

Mr. Martin Klein

Ms. Adrienne J. Kolb

Mr. Jaymark Komer

Lucy and Bill Kortum

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kramer

Ms. Diane S. Lamont

Joanne Lapinski

Mr. John P. Larkey Jr.

Ms. Susan Larsen

Dr. David M. Lechuga, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lefcourt

Mr. and Mrs. Tiernan J. Levasseur

Ms. Lynn Lozier

Mr. and Mrs. John W. MacPherson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Magatelli

Geraldine E. Magers

Bill and Carol Mahler

Berkeley Malm **

Mr. Patrick M. Maloney, Esq.

Mrs. Mildred M. Mansfield

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mariani

Ms. Leah K. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Perry McCormick

Ms. Patricia A. McAvoy

Murray McDonnel

Mr. Michael C. McEachern and Ms. Cheryl F. Chan

Mr. and Mrs. F. Frederick Melpolder

Dr. Sandra D. Michael

Mr. Gary G. Miles

Ms. Cynthia A. Miller

Mr. James G. Mills, Jr.

Mr. Kent T. Mitchell

Ms. Marcella Moloshco

Ms. Dana L. Moody

Ms. Elizabeth R. Moody

Dr. Michael J. Moratto, Ph.D.

Mr. Martin M. Moreno

Ms. Amanda M. Mueller

Ms. Paula E. Mune

Ms. Pamela S. Nachtigall, CPA

Ruth and Steve Nash

Andrea and Matthew Navarret

Debbie and Gilbert Navarro

Ms. Elizabeth A. Neal-Covington

Staci and Joseph Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Randall D. Nickles

Eric and Judith Nogleberg

Ms. Lauren J. Novatne

Mr. Paul G. Nussbaum MSW

Ms. Laura S. Oakes

Ms. Ann W. Ocheltree

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Oliver

Ms. Patricia S. Orr

Mr. Hugh C. Stevenson and Ms. Diane L. Paleczny-Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Jiku Park

Ms. Karen Patrick

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Pegolotti

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Pekkain

Bruce and Cindy Peterson

Mrs. and Mr. Jessica M. Pfahler

Mr. James M. Phillippi

Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Phillips

Meg Pietrasz

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Piotrkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Gunter Pirchner

Mr. and Mrs. Bruno F. Pitts

Mr. Spiro J. Politis

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie R. Potter

Mr. Douglas A. Powell

Mr. Michael P. Quinn

Ms. Meg Ragan

Mr. Tad J. Rasmussen

Mr. Nathan M. Campbell and Ms. Molly C. Rattigan

Mr. John A. Rauschkolb III

Margot and Mark Rawlins

Mr. and Mrs. John Rector

Mr. H. Bruce Kinnison and Mrs. Connie Rector Kinnison

Ms. Kathleen E. Reed

Ms. Elizabeth A. Renaud

Mr. Tyler J. Reyes

Hector Reyes

Frank Rhodes, in memory of Nobuko Rhodes

Ms. Bertha M. Riggs

Jonathan M. Riley

Mrs. Ruth H. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rodkin

James and Haroldene Rodrigues

Ms. Teresa Rodriquez Wargo

Ms. Juanita W. Rosene

Dr. Douglas B. Ross and Ms. Virginia Frederick

Ms. Robin M. Rude

Ms. Andrina D. Ruzick

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Safreno

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Y. Saiki

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Salerno

Mr. Travis S. Saracco

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Sarquis

Mr. Jerry Schreibstein

Ms. Sylvia Schwartz

Ms. Domenique F. Scioli

Ms. Katherine Seibel

Mr. Lawrence E. Serpa

Mr. H. David Settle

Mr. Yongkun W. Shea

Dr. William S. Silver and Dr. Adrienne Silver

Mrs. Beverly J. Singer

Leila and Art Sisneros

Ms. Leigh H. Slade

Carol A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas A. Songsong

Bob and Sharon Sorani

Mr. Paul T. Pitlick and Ms. Janet M. St. Peter

William and Sandra Stapp

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Stevens

Ms. Corrine M. Stuart

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Studer

Mr. Thomas B. Sweeney

Ms. Mona F. Tanagho

Mr. and Mrs. Zach Taylor

Mr. Victor K. Tetteh

Ms. Betty Lew Rains Tharp

Mr. and Mrs. Britton R. Thompson

Mrs. Kathy L. Tidwell

Mr. and Mrs. Tim E. Todd

Ms. Leslie Trikha

Mr. Gary P. Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Uyeda

Ms. Louise Van Vorst

Mr. Matthew Veal

Mr. Salvador E. Venegas-Salas and Ms. Ana M. Quinones

Mr. Johnnie J. Walker and Ms. Sharon Merga

Mr. Daniel M. Wall

Mr. Harvey A. Walters Jr.

Ms. Barbara C. Warren Greenberg

Angler W. Watson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Weis

Mr. Kent A. Weishaus and Ms. Amy E. Fogerson

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Welker

Mr. and Mrs. Wallis J. Wellman

Ms. Nancy Whaley

Mr. Danny E. Woolever and Dr. Tamara A. Woolever

Major and Mrs. Jon C. Wooley, (Ret.)

Mrs. Andrea L. Wynn

Mr. Michael E. Young and Mrs. Lynn Visser-Young

Brenda Zander

Cipolla Financial & Insurance Services

Halaweh Cabinets

Coughlan Napa CPA Company Inc.

Gabbert Acoustical Inc.

Thompson Insurance Agency, Inc.

Law Offices Jeffrey N. Novack

James Mechem Construction, Inc.

Robert Benavides Jr., EDD

Rockridge Family Chiropractic

First Financial Credit Union



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