Fund for Sonoma State University Scholarships

Scholarship Recipients

Your donation to The Fund for Sonoma State assists students like Madison, Mikaela, and Stephen in making the most of their educational experience and broadens the depth of their professional and personal growth.



Campus Involvement:
Living in the Freshman Year Experience Interest Group in the Sauvignon Complex
and planning to participate in the “Join Us Making Progress” (JUMP) student volunteer program on campus.

Future Plans:
To become a Museum Curator

“I knew when I first toured Sonoma State that this was where I wanted to go. I love the size Fund for Sonoma State Scholarship. Although I applied for many, I didn’t receive any scholarships from my hometown so I appreciate the help your donations have given me.”


MA, Biology

“The fund for Sonoma State Scholarship has allowed me to focus more of my time in the lab and ensures that I have the materials I need to conduct the experiments that are paramount to my research.”



Campus Involvement:
Living in the Pre-Nursing Freshman Interest Group in the Zinfandel Complex and participating in the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Future Plans:
To earn a BSN from Sonoma State University and work as an Oncology Nurse.


“I am so grateful to have received the Fund for Sonoma State Scholarship. It has really helped with purchasing my textbooks. I appreciate the support and want to thank you for giving back to SSU and students like me.”