Provost's Undergraduate Research Grants

#GivingTuesday11.28.17 / #GIVE2SSU

"Undergraduate research is not expensive, yet it can still be very difficult to find funding for our projects. These small grants allow us to stock essential equipment and test kits that are used 100% on our research. The few hundred dollars we received can fund months’ worth of data collection which would have been impossible without the standard kits we purchased. Your donations are important immediately and directly. Just a few hundred dollars can fund an entire project. We have dedicated professors and students, but there is only so much we can do without support from you!"
Gabe Sacher

"Having an “in-house” grant program such as Provost’s Undergraduate Research Grant gives undergrads at SSU a chance to practice their grant writing skills. Grant writing is very important to the scientific process and developing these skills early is a huge step up for students continuing to graduate studies."
Aman Gill