President's Diversity Council 2017-2018

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Membership 2017-2018
Name Role / Position
Christina Baker-Foley American Multicultural Studies Faculty Representative
Cameron Bluford Universty Library Representative
Carrie Ann Colton Director of Employee and Labor Relations
Bonnie Cormier Administrative Liaison to the CouncilĀ 
Mark Fabionar Director of the HUB
Ellie Galvez-Hard Literacy Studies and Elementary Education Faculty Representative
Brendan Hamel-Bissell Engineering Faculty Representative
Kyuho Lee School of Business & Economics Faculty Representative
Marjorie Lear University Library Faculty Representative
Lauren Morimoto (on sabbatical) Kinesiology Faculty Representative
Hope Ortiz International Education Representative
Karen Schneider University Library Dean
Maggie Simms Disability Services for Students Represenative
Briana Taggart Associated Students Represenative
Anastasia Tosouni Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies Faculty Representative
Lisa Vollendorf Provost
Carmen Works Chair of Chemistry
Xiaodong Zhu Human Respurces Representative