President's Diversity Council 2011-2012

Membership 2011-2012
Name Role / Position
Carlos Ayala President's Office / Co-Chair
Charles Elster SDS Chair
Mark Fabionar Director of the HUB
Ellie Galvez-Hard School of Education Faculty Rep / CFA Latino Caucus
Nate Johnson Office of VP / Administration & Finance
Nicole Lawson Library Faculty Rep
Kyuho Lee School of Business & Economics Faculty Rep
Lauren Morimoto Director of Diversity
Amanda Morrison Faculty at Large
Maria Ortega AS Student Rep
Hope Ortiz Center for International Education
Napoleon Reyes School of Social Science Faculty Rep
Yesenia Rivas-Suarez School of Education / PDC recorder
Andrew Rogerson Provost
Richard Senghas Academic Senate Chair / Co-Chair
Maggie Simms Disability Services for Stutdents Rep
Joyce Suzuki Employee Relations / Campus Title IV Coordinator
Ana Tongilava AS Diversity Senator

Staff to the Council

Staff to the Council
Name Role / Position
Melinda Barnard Interim Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Joyce Suzuki Managing Director, Employee Relations & Compliance