Academic Departments

American Multicultural Studies

Interdisciplinary study of U.S. ethnic and racial minority groups, focusing on historical, sociological, cultural and ideological aspects of American ethnicity.
Location: Nichols Hall 214
Phone: 707 664-2486

California Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary study of California-themed projects that highlight the state's diversity of cultures and landscapes.
Location: Nichols Hall 304
Phone: 707 664-2903

Chicano and Latino Studies

Interdisciplinary approach to historical, political, social, educational, economic, and cultural developments affecting U.S. Chicano and Latino communities.
Location: Nichols Hall 214
Phone: 707 664-2369


Global Studies

Interdisciplinary study of global interdependence and contemporary issues.
Location: Stevenson 2066
Phone: 707 664-2170 / 707 664-2463

Modern Languages & Literatures

Study of languages and cultures, such as French, German, and Spanish.
Location: Stevenson 3016
Phone: 707 664-2351

Native American Studies

A multidisciplinary minor offers study of Native Americans through ethnography, history, sociology and the humanities.
Location: Nichols 214
Phone: 707 664-2458

Women's and Gender Studies

An interdisciplinary major that examines the experiences and opportunities of women and men in relation to race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, and sexuality.
Location: Rachel Carson Hall 18
Phone: 707 664-2840