Diversity-Related Courses

The titles of courses and majors/minors in this list clearly indicate that their content addresses one or more groups within the Big 8 of Diversity (age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ethnicity, religion, disability, and culture). Often the title of the course or major/minor indicated a focus on specific issues or aspects related to multiculturalism, diversity, and global awareness. If there is a course or major/minor you think should be added to this list, please contact the Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, Dr. Elisa Velasquez.


  • American Multicultural Studies
  • Latin American Studies Minor
  • Native American Studies
  • Languages
  • Women's and Gender Studies
  • Women's Health Minor
  • Gerontology
  • Queer Studies Minor
  • Jewish Studies Program
  • American Ethnic Studies
  • Chicano and Latino Studies
  • Concentrations in Global Studies: Asia/Latin America/Europe


AMCS 374 The Multiracial Experience
AMCS 210 Ethnic Groups in America
AMCS 255 Ethnicity in the Humanities
AMCS 350 Ethics, Values & Multiculturalism
AMCS 360 Ethnic Literature
AMCS 392 Ethnic Images in Film & Media
AMCS 445 Multiculturalism & Education

ANTH 203 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 302 Biological Basis of Sex Differ
ANTH 386 Sign-Language & Signing Communities

ARTH 270 Survey of Chinese, Japanese, and Asian Art
ARTH 422 Greek Art
ARTH 460 History of American Art

BUS 391Cross Cultural Communication & Negotiation
BUS 393 Introduction to International Business
BUS 495 International Business Research
BUS 545 Global Wine Business

CALS 219 The Latino Experience
CALS 314: Latin American Literature and Translation

CALS 352 Chicano/Latino Philosophy
CALS 365 Chicano/Latino Theatre
CALS 368 Chicano/Latino Music
CALS 374 Latino Literature
CALS 403 Chicano/Latino Youth & Adolescents
CALS 432 Latinas/os and Globalization
CALS 442 Race, Class & Gender Among Latinos
CALS 445 Chicano/Latino History
CALS 451 Latina/o Humanisms
CALS 456 Sociology of Education/Latinos and Education
CALS 480: Latin American Migrations to the U.S.

COMS 320 Movies & Cultures
COMS 328 America at the Movies

COUN 496 Migrant-Education Advisor Program

COUN 570 Seminar: Cross-Cultural Awareness in Counseling
COUN 580 Relationship & Sexuality Counseling

CCJS 375 Understanding Sexual Offending

EDEC 437 Integrated Multicultural Curriculum in Preschool through Elementary
EDMS 411 Teaching Second Language Learners
EDMS 470 Multicultural Pedagogy
EDMS 471 Teaching Social Sciences in a Multicultural Society
EDSP 400 Foundations of Special Education
EDSP 433 Teaching Adolescents with Special Education Needs
EDSP 490 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Seminar/Fieldwork
EDSS 442 Teaching in Multicultural Settings
EDSS 443 Observation/Participation in Multicultural Settings
EDSS 458 Student Teaching in Multicultural Settings
EDUC 490 Educating Students with Autism

ENGL 315 California Ethnic Literature
ENGL 482 American Indian Literature
ENGL 588 Teaching Multilingual Writers

FR 314 French Literature in English Translation
FR 410 French Literature

GEOG 392: Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean

GERN 300 The Journey of Adulthood
GERN 317 Emotions and Adult Life
GERN 319 Aging and Society
GERN 408 Transitions in Adult Development
GERN 421 Psychology of Aging
GERN 422 Living and Dying
GERN 500 Social & Psychological Issues in Aging

HIST 242: Modern Latin
HIST 348: Race & Ethnicity in Latin America
HIST 375 Queer Theory, Queer Lives
HIST 375 Social/Cultural U.S. 1930-1960
HIST 430: History of the Maya
HIST 433: History of Mexico
HIST 438 Modern Japan
HIST 339: Ancient and Colonial Latin America
HIST 449 Gender & Sexuality in Latin America

LIBS 308 The Practice of Culture
LIBS 320A The Middle Class
LIBS 320B Nature & Culture
LIBS 320C Bollywood

JWST 200 Introduction to Jewish Studies
JWST 255 Evolution of Anti-Semitism

KIN 316 Women in Sports

MUS 391 Latin Band
MUS 379 Latin Jazz Band

NAMS 200 Intro to Native Americans
NAMS 338 Native Americans & The Cinema
NAMS 346 Philosophic Systems & Sacred Movements
NAMS 354 Native American Literatures

NURS 304 Psychiatric & Mental Health
NURS 480 Health, Sexuality, and Society

POLS 304 Introduction to International Relations
POLS 351 Politics of Russia
POLS 453: Politics of Latin America

PSY 326 Social Psychology
PSY 328 Cross-cultural Psychology
PSY 330 Stereotyping and Prejudice
PSY 405 The Psychology of Gender
PSY 412 Adolescent Psychology
PSY 490 Autism: Issues & Applications
PSY 490 Youth: Gender Perspectives

SOCI 319 Aging and Society
SOCI 366 Juvenile Justice
SOCI 360 Sociology of Sexualities
SOCI 431 Sociology of Religion
SOCI 498 Gender and Sexualities

SPAN 307 Cultures of Latin America
SPAN 402 Latin American Literature

THAR 115 Dance Styles: Hip Hop
THAR 373 Dances of the World
THAR 374 Theatre of the World

WGS 280 Women's Bodies: Health & Image
WGS 285 Men and Masculinity
WGS 301 Queer Studies Lecture Series
WGS 311 Psychology of Gender
WGS 311 Gender & Sexuality in Latin America
WGS 325 Youth: Gender Perspectives
WGS 350 Gender, Sexuality & Family
WGS 375 Gender, Race and Class
WGS 390 Gender and Work
WGS 425: Feminist Research Methods
WGS 455 Queer Theory, Queer Lives
WGS 475: Contemporary Feminist Theory