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Faculty-to-Faculty (F2F) Moodle Professional Development

The Faculty-to-Faculty (F2F) Moodle professional development experience provided face-to-face workshops for faculty in the School of Education as a means for gearing up to use Moodle for instructional purposes upon transition from WebCT. Our goal in developing the site was to promote the idea of self-directed learning on the part of faculty. Our intent was to provide faculty with the ability to use the site in support of their individual learning needs, as these developed over the course of the LMS transition. By design, the F2F Moodle learning site was developed to complement the face-to-face, project-based workshops that we designed to be implemented over the fall and spring semesters of the LMS transition year. The site focused on the most used features of Moodle for basic instructional purposes, provided sample activities, links to tutorials and examples via screen shots and webcasts.