After Completing the Program

Celebrate with Family and Friends at the Credentials Ceremony

You don’t have to do anything to sign up to participate in the Credentials Ceremony; your corresponding department will tentatively place your name in the Credentials Ceremony program, provided you are enrolled in a full time student teaching course or intern teaching course; invitations to the ceremony will be distributed during the student teaching courses by your corresponding supervisor.

Once all names are in the program, the student teaching supervisors review it to make sure those who are listed will satisfactorily complete student teaching; any students who won’t be completing, will be removed from the credential ceremony program.

Should you have questions about whether or not you will complete student teaching satisfactorily, please contact your student teaching supervisor.

If you participate in the Credentials Ceremony (provided your student teaching supervisor confirms you are indeed completing the program), you will receive a lovely Certificate of Achievement that is prepared by the School of Education.

PLEASE NOTE: This certificate is not to be used for employment purposes; you will need to file the appropriate paperwork and fees with the Credentials Office in order to be recommended to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for a teaching credential; review of the paperwork and fees will take place as part of your student teaching seminar

Find a Job, Stay in Touch with the School of Education

Be sure to check our Job Resources webpage as you seek your first teaching job, and keep in touch with the School of Education after you finish your program by following us on Facebook, or joining the School of Education LinkedIn Group.