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Course Substitutions

Credential Program Descriptions (Basic Programs)

Internship Programs

Prerequisite Coursework

The Application

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To apply for a Credential Program, select the application for your program of choice. The application will give you step- by-step instructions on what to do in order to apply. Make sure to also download a description for your program of choice; see Credential Program Descriptions (Basic Programs) below for links to the descriptions. Note that it is required to submit applications both to the University via and to the specific School of Education program.

If you would like assistance with the application process, you can

--attend an Information Workshop – visit: for a schedule of workshops

--or B) contact the Credentials Office at We’re happy to answer any questions and/or set up individual meetings to review application materials and requirements.

Course Substitutions

If you have taken coursework at another institution that you think may meet course requirements for a Credential Program at SSU, you can petition to have courses evaluated by completing the “Petition for Substitution of School of Education Course Requirements” form found at: Submit the form and required documents to the School of Education. You will receive notification in the mail once the evaluation is completed.

Credential Program Descriptions (Basic Programs)

The School of Education offers three basic credential programs, among other advanced credentials and M.A. degrees. To view descriptions of the programs offered by the School of Education, visit:

If you are interested in becoming a Special Education teacher, visit the ELSE Department Preliminary Education Specialist Program webpage

For Elementary School teaching, visit the LSEE Department Multiple Subject Credential Program webpage

For Secondary School teaching (middle/high school) visit the CSSE Department Single Subject Program webpage

Internship Program

The School of Education offers internship programs in the Preliminary Education Specialist, Multiple Subject and Single Subject credential programs.

Prerequisite Coursework

The Multiple Subject and Single Subject credential programs at SSU require prerequisite/co-requisite coursework. Prerequisites must be completed prior to beginning a credential program.

Current SSU undergraduates and postbac/graduate can take prerequisite/co-requisite coursework without being admitted to a Credential program.

Post baccalaureate/Graduate applicants who wish to be admitted to SSU to take prerequisites/co-requisites only (prior to beginning a Credential program) may do so by applying as Graduate Student/Post-baccalaureate to the University via: Applicants should indicate they are applying to a Credential program and in the essay portion of the application, write a statement along the lines of “I wish to be admitted to SSU to take prerequisites/co-requisites for a Credential Program”.



Credential Program Application Periods and Deadlines
Credential Program Name

Fall 2019 Application Period

Spring 2020 Application Period
Multiple Subject CLOSED August 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019 
Single Subject CLOSED CLOSED 
Preliminary Education Specialist Please contact the Credentials Office for extension details. August 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019 
Clear Induction Education Specialist Program CLOSED CLOSED 
Admin Services Preliminary Extended - June 1, 2019 to August 1, 2019 CLOSED (Open to qualified interns only) 
Reading and Literacy Programs CLOSED August 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019 
 Offered spring, summer and fall semesters, call 707-664-2832

*Open to qualified intern candidates

NEED PREREQUISITE COURSES? Our prerequisites are offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Contact the Credentials Office for information: 707-664-2832 or

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