Legal Seminar

Legal Seminar Exam Schedule

California law and credential standards require that all teacher education candidates receive information about sexual harassment and suspected child abuse BEFORE entering California classrooms. For more information about Professional, Legal and Ethical Teacher Performance Expectations in California see TPE #12

Please follow the instructions below to complete this requirement:

  • Watch the Legal Seminar online (link below)
  • The Seminar is in three sections: Illegal Discrimination, Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting, and Sexual Harassment
  • View all three sections of the lesson in their entirety, including the Lesson Introduction, the Video Lessons and the Support Materials.
  • Read the Handout of Seminar notes and also on the Support Materials Tab of the lesson.
  • Contact the School of Education office (Stevenson 1078) Monday - Friday, 8:00 to 3:30 to schedule a time to take the required exam. (see a schedule of available exam dates and times)
  • The exam takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. A score of 80% or better in each of the three test sections satisfies the Legal Seminar admissions requirement.
  • Bring a picture ID to the exam.
  • You are permitted to take and use notes when taking the exam.
  • Turn in the test and your completed answer sheet to the receptionist or proctor.
  • The exam will be corrected when finished.
  • Upon receipt of notification that you passed the test, you will have completed the requirements of California law and credential standards for information about sexual harassment and suspected child abuse.
  • If you do not pass a section of the test, you will need to retake that section of the test.

Watch the videos now:


If you are having difficulties viewing the seminar online, please contact the Credentials Office at