credential program tuition and fees

Tuition and Fees

How Much Will It Cost to Complete a Credential Program at SSU?

The cost of attending a credential program at Sonoma State University can vary depending on state legislated university fees and credentialing requirements established by the state of California. Below is a link to the University website where you can find general fee and cost of attendance information. We have also listed possible credential program fees that you would need to budget for in addition to regular fee, books, transportation, etc. expenses.

For general information on university fees, please visit:

Fees Specific to Credential Programs at SSU

The table below lists some of the expenses you will most likely incur when completing a credential program at SSU.

Please Note: These are only estimates; fees incurred by students may be more or less than what has been listed here, depending on the type of credential being pursued; please email the credentials office at with questions about the information listed here.

Credential Program Related Fee Table


Fee Amount

University Application Fee (Cal State Apply) $55.00
Basic Skills

CSET: Writing Skills (for Multiple Subject and Special Ed. credential programs only)

$41.00 (paper-based)
$102 (computer-based)



Subject Matter Exam(s) $297.00 (approx. depending on exam)
RICA EXAM* *Applicable to all multiple Subject and some Special Education candidates only $171.00
edTPA Teacher Performance Assessment $300 plus $100 per rubric for remediation
Fingerprinting Fee ** $75.00-120.00 (approx.)
Certificate of Clearance Fee $52.50
Credential Filing Fee $25.00
Credential Processing Fee $50.00-$102.50

** if you are planning on obtaining a substitute teaching permit, have your fingerprints taken at your local county office of education. If you don’t plan on getting a substitute teaching permit, have your fingerprints taken at your location of choice; visit to search for fingerprinting locations throughout the state.