Guide for Students Interested in becoming a Credential Program Intern

Intern programs offered through the School of Education are very similar to our traditional credential programs. What differentiates an intern from a traditional student is that the intern has employment relevant to the credential being pursued. Interns complete the program on a part time basis in order to remain employed. Teaching credential interns also receive support from the North Coast Beginning Teacher Program, a partner in the School of Education’s Teaching Credential Intern Programs.

Please Note: The School of Education is not involved in finding intern positions for its students. If you are interested in the Intern Option, you are responsible for securing employment and communicating with the School of Education at regarding the requirements listed below. If you have secured a job, and are qualified to be an Intern in one of the programs listed below, you will need to file for an Intern credential with the Credentials Office.

The School of Education currently has the Intern Option available in the following programs:

Education Specialist Intern Program

Single Subject Credential Intern Program

Educational Leadership Intern Program

In order to qualify for intern status in the Single Subject or Special Education programs mentioned above, you must have the requirements as specified in each intern program description.