Become a Middle or High School Teacher

The Single Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach in a departmentalized classroom. A departmentalized classroom is one in which the teacher specializes in his/her subject area and teaches that single subject only. Students go to their respective classes in different departments rather than being taught all subjects in one self-contained classroom. Single subjects are taught primarily at the secondary level, but some subjects (i.e., art, music, and physical education) may be taught by a single subject teacher at the elementary level.

Some middle/high schools have self-contained classrooms, in which a variety of subjects are taught to the same group of students by the same teacher. In those less common types of middle/high schools, the teacher would need a Multiple Subject Credential.

chemistry illustration Teaching Science and Mathematics

Foundational Level Mathematics or
Foundational Level General Science Credential

If you already are a credentialed teacher who wants to teach Math or Science, Project SMTRI at the SSU School of Education has a program that will help prepare you to earn a Foundational Level Credential in either Math or Science. Read more.