PACT Teaching Event

The PACT Teaching Event is a portfolio assessment with five tasks Context, Planning, Instruction, Assessment, and Reflection. These tasks represent a segment of learning (several days of instruction on one particular topic).  These tasks are integrated to prompt candidates to make connections between these different teaching tasks, and to provide evidence of how a candidate understands teaching in some depth through the distinct lenses provided by the different tasks. 

For each of the Single Subject program areas offered at Sonoma State, there are specific instructions for completing the teaching event in that subject area. Multiple Subject (elementary) candidates complete three additional Teaching Event tasks so that they are assessed in each of the core content areas (literacy, mathematics, history-social science, and science) taught in elementary schools. 

Selecting a Learning Segment in the Context of the Curriculum

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When selecting a learning segment for the Sonoma State University PACT teaching event, candidates should identify a concept to teach, not a standard. About two months prior to their take-over, candidates should discuss with their cooperating teachers which learning segment will be needed. Verify with your program about the actual dates of when you should complete this Teaching Event. The learning segment should then be discussed with your university professors, supervisors and master teachers to ensure the candidate will be able to teach the lessons in the time required for PACT.

Making Good Choices: A Support Guide for the PACT Teaching Event

Teaching Event Authenticity and Consent Sign-Off Form

Watch this helpful how-to video on You Tube "Uploading Video to IMovie HD"