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Credential Ceremony Celebrations!

By Pamela Van Halsema on December 15, 2011 3:09 PM

sully.jpgThis week was one of great celebration for our candidates completing the credential program, as the School of Education hosted two Credential Ceremonies in Person Theater where faculty, family and friends came to honor and congratulate this group of new teachers.   Carlos Ayala, Interim Dean, Department Chairs from the School of Education, Emiliano Ayala, Karen Grady and Paula Lane offered words of welcome and insights about what the achievement of a California Teaching Credential means, and how the teaching career is rewarding, challenging and surprising in many ways.
Students from each program offered heartfelt speeches, reflecting their passion for teaching, the hard work and dedication it required to get through it all, and the bright hopes they have for their careers in education.  Speakers included Jenny Fung (Education Specialist Program), Tracy Olson (Single Subject Credential Program), Megan Gauci, Jessica Sully and Lauren Everett (Multiple Subject Program). 

everett.jpgUniversity President Ruben Arminana participated in Tuesday's ceremony, and Vice President of Student Affairs Matthew Lopez Phillips in Wednesday's;  both administrators commented on the lasting impact that these teachers will have on the lives of today's children. Concluding each program, Dean Carlos Ayala provided a future outlook that is promising for the teaching profession, projecting many veteran teacher retirements in the next few years, and a smaller pool of new teacher to fill those positions.  He congratulated these graduates for the leap of faith and courage that it took for many of them to make personal sacrifices, take on personal debt, and quit their jobs to embark on the important job of becoming a teacher in the California Public Schools.