Rebecca Lynne Lucas 2013 Nourot Scholarship Award Recipient

Posted by Pamela Van Halsema on March 1, 2013 3:45 PM

Article by Melissa Marengo, School of Education Multimedia Student Assistant


Rebecca Lynne Lucas is the 2013 Patricia Nourot Memorial Scholarship recipient! In honor of Dr. Patricia Nourot, every year the scholarship is given to a student to cover expenses in the Early Childhood Studies program.

Rebecca grew up in Vallejo, California and had a great experience at her own elementary school, Dan Mini Elementary. This made her want to start volunteering with children as she got older. She volunteered at the school's after school program for three years. Rebecca has also contributed many hours of community service with children through her church and Vallejo High School.

Currently, Rebecca works with Join Us Making Progess (a.k.a. JUMP) on campus as a student leader for their Hunger and Homelessness program. She also volunteers as a coordinator for Catholic Charities Family Support Center. In the future she hopes to work with non-profits that help children and their families enrich their lives or become an elementary school teacher. She believes that with enough support and encouragement, every child should be able to grow up the confidence to follow their hopes and dreams, and not be limited by their present situation. After earning her degree, Rebecca is hoping she can get a job working with children, be part of that support system for children, and continue to be inspired every day by their energy and optimism.