Dana Shay

Posted by Lina Raffaelli on October 16, 2013 1:42 PM

Dana ShayDana Shay spent twelve years working in International Business. While she was grateful for the opportunity to travel around the world, she wasn't very passionate about the work she was doing. She got the chance to take sabbatical from her job and travel to Africa, South America, and Asia to teach English. This experience opened her eyes to a love of teaching, and one year ago Dana decided to enroll in the TESOL Master's program here at SSU.

Dana grew up in New Jersey and attended college in Atlanta. She decided on the Master's program at SSU because she liked the flexibility of the program and that it allowed her to explore different interests and ways of thinking. She also liked the small community setting of Sonoma State.

In the future she wants to become a full-time teacher. She hopes to be able to move to another country for a year or two and teach English as a second language. Long term, she would like to teach adults English as well as life skills. Dana loves to teach and work with people. She enjoys watching her students grow and learn. She is grateful for the program at SSU because it will open up a lot of different opportunities for her career.