Erin Hartelt

Posted by Lina Raffaelli on October 22, 2013 2:16 PM

Erin HarteltErin Hartelt grew up not far from here in the East Bay. She attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as an undergrad, where she studied pre-med before eventually switching to psychology. After college she started working as a low level social worker. She left that position to become a full-inclusion aid, which fueled her interest in pursuing Special Education.

Erin chose SSU because her family is from around the area. She earned a Special Ed credential for mild-moderate disabilities in 2009. She became an intern for Bellevue Union School District. After some time, she decided she wanted to know more and returned to SSU to get her Master's in Special Education.

She enjoys the challenge of working with students that have a wide range of different needs. She finds it rewarding to help them meet their goals and grow. Erin is able to bond with the kids, which can be difficult for some adults. She loves children and working with them in the small classroom sizes. The small group sizes allow her to focus on the whole child and ensure that all of their individual needs are being met.

She wants to continue learning how to become a better teacher, leader, and role model for her students. She feels that continuing her education will help her attain these goals.

The tough balancing act of attending classes, working, and raising a family can be challenging, but Hartelt says it's worth it. She's had great professors and a very positive experience at SSU. She enjoys the ability to think about what she wants to learn and guide her own education.