Joseph LeBlanc

Posted by Lina Raffaelli on November 7, 2013 3:35 PM

Joseph LeblancJoseph Leblanc grew up in San Jose. He attended Sonoma State as an undergraduate and earned his B.A in Human Development in 1999. He worked at several colleges, including Santa Clara and San Jose State University. Leblanc's mother was a preschool teacher; helping out in her classroom made him realize he also wanted to work with kids.

Even while in school he knew he wanted a career working with people and not a desk job. During his undergrad he worked in-home care and early childcare. There are not a lot of men in his field and he enjoys the challenge that comes with being a minority.

One day Joseph hopes to run his own school. He decided to pursue a Master's in Early Childhood Education so he could start an outdoor/mature program for kids. He now works at the SSU Children's School and is partnering with Lia Thompson-Clark working on opening a new school that is more lab school oriented, sustainable and outdoors.

He likes working with families and people. He also hopes to be an advocate for more men to join his field and find the balance. He loves being at the Children's School and is challenged by trying to align his philosophies with the school's philosophies.