Kelly Sporer

Posted by Hannah Michael on November 23, 2015 11:54 AM


Kelly Sporer obtained her multiple ubject teaching credential at Sonoma State University in 2003 with two supplemental credentials in mathematics and science. She then went on to earn her Master's degree in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning with an added Reading Certification in 2015. She has been an eighth grade teacher at Hillcrest Middle School for fifteen years and recently took an assignment on a district wide creative arts program (ENRICH) which offers art and technology enrichment classes to the students.

As her cognate project, Sporer addressed the Common Core requirements by designing a blogging project that combined writing, communication skills and technology to allow students to express their ideas regarding the readings that were presented. Through the project, students took on the role of facilitators and active directors in their own literature clubs. Sporer used an online blogging platform for the students to complete self-led discussion on literature. Supporting her belief, the students were able to find the social and political themes running through the novels they were reading. They began to make cultural connections and draw conclusions about themes, much more than what she had previously seen them express in traditional assignments with formal prompts and requirements. Sporer's cognate project reflected her interest in finding alternative ways for students to express their learning in the classroom with self-led discussion.