Faculty Committees

School of Education Assessment and Accreditation Committee

AA Committee Charge:

The Assessment and Accreditation (AA) Committee maintains and communicates the systematic assessment of all School of Education programs in accordance with our Conceptual Framework’s mission, dispositions and performance expectations with attention to addressing professional and program standards. The committee is charged with the coordination of accurate, fair and consistent assessment to ensure accountability and accreditation in the quality preparation of teachers and school professionals.

The School of Education’s Assessment and Accreditation Committee oversees the:

  • Implementation of candidate and program formative and summative evaluation procedures
  • Collection, analysis, and reporting of assessment system data for continuous improvement
  • Compliance to professional, state and national standards, directives, and requirements to assess candidates’ preparedness as beginning teachers and school professionals

Committee Membership

The AA Committee consists of faculty members who collectively represent each program of the School of Education plus a liaison from the Council of Chairs. Program representatives are elected by their respective departments for staggered, three-year terms and are eligible for re-election after their terms expire. The liaison from the Council of Chairs is selected by the Council annually and serves as a non-voting member.

Committee Roster

Name Term Role
Lori Rhodes Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Education Leadership Program Representative
Elizabeth Ducy Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Special Education Program Representative
Ayumi Nagase Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Early Childhood Studies Representative
Ed Lyon Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Single Subject Program Representative
Rhianna Casesa Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Multiple Subject Program Representative
Kristen Boland Staff Accreditation and Assessment Specialist