About Scholarships

Scholarships at Sonoma State University are awarded on the basis of academic merit, usually without regard to financial need or state of residency. Students should contact the SSU Scholarship Office in Stevenson Hall, Room 1050, (707) 664-2261 for information. The annual scholarship application deadline is January 15.

SSU Scholarships

There are several scholarships available to Sonoma State students that are specific to teaching, please go to SSU Scholarship website for more information. Off-campus scholarship information is available in the Scholarship Office in Stevenson Hall, Room 1050. Good sites for scholarship searches on the Internet are: FastWeb, FinAid, and the California Student Aid Commission. Scholarship funding is taken into account when preparing a financial aid award package and may reduce other aid. Students are required to notify the Sonoma State University Financial Aid Office when they are awarded a scholarship.

Scholarship Sonoma County

Scholarship Sonoma County is a post-secondary scholarship program administered through the San Rafael based 10,000 Degrees. All students are encouraged toapply, since they administer many scholarships with various requirements via this one application process. The basic eligibility requirements are demonstrated financial need, enrollment in a program leading to a student's first associate's degree, bachelor's degree, certificate or teaching credential during the 2013-2014 academic year, and enrollment in a minimum of 12 academic units while receiving a scholarship.