Early Childhood Studies

Early Childhood Studies Mission Statement
"The Department of Early Childhood Studies prepares knowledgeable and caring professionals who are committed to contributing to a just society through high-quality education and social service for all children and families."

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Welcome to the Department of Early Childhood Studies at Sonoma State University.

The Department of Early Childhood Studies (ECS) provides a high-quality curriculum that is committed to improving early childhood education and advocating for social justice equity for an increasingly diverse group of young children and their communities.

The Major, Minor and Masters Programs prepare students to work effectively with children in early childhood (birth to age 8). The program will also focus on preparing professionals to be leaders and advocates on behalf of all children and families.

Career Outlook

Possible careers following the bachelors in Early Childhood Studies include preschool teacher, daycare director, child life specialist, school program director, social work, special education teacher and education advocate. Potential places of work include public and private elementary schools, daycares, early childhood education centers and social service agencies.

View or download a PDF list of Careers Supporting Children and Families

The Early Childhood Studies Major

The Major offers two concentrations:

The Early Childhood Education concentration prepares students for a career in an early education setting, including:

  • Infant, toddler, and preschool teacher
  • Administrator of an early education program
  • Support services in agencies that serve young children and families
  • Elementary teacher (requires completion of a post-baccalaureate Multiple Subject credential program)
  • Special Education teacher (requires completion of a post-baccalaureate Special Education credential program)

The Early Childhood Development concentration prepares students for a career working with young children and families in non-education settings. Students work with an advisor to prepare for a career in entry-level positions in social services or for graduate school in counseling, social work, child life specialist, etc.

The Early Childhood Studies Minor

The Minor is useful for students interested in pursuing careers involving work with young children from birth through age eight in fields such as Education, Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, and others.