Clear Induction Education Specialist Credential:
Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Disabilities

NOTE: The School of Education is not accepting applications for the Clear Induction Specialist program until further notice. Please check back for further information.

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Basic Program and Structure:

After a candidate has completed a Preliminary Education Specialist Credential, which permits employment as a special education teacher, he or she is expected to complete a Clear Induction program in the authorized area of special education. A single induction program will clear all preliminary education specialist credentials at one time (mild-moderate, moderate-severe). Candidates may choose to complete Clear Induction through BTSA, or a university based program. Holding a teaching position is not a requirement for entering an Induction program, nor for clearing a preliminary credential. However, candidates will need field experience with individuals with disabilities to be able to complete induction requirements.

Upon enrollment in the SSU Clear Induction program, the beginning teacher, support provider, and a member of the SSU School of Education faculty collaboratively design an Individual Induction Plan.  The Individual Induction Plan builds on each beginning teacher’s assessed needs and outlines specific goals and activities for facilitating professional development. 

The SSU Clear Induction program aligns with our Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis in Special Education.

Admissions: Please note that our Clear Induction Program admits candidates during the Fall term only.


  • Valid Preliminary  Education Specialist Credential

University Coursework for Clear Induction:

EDSP 501 (3)          Formative Assessment and Induction into Teaching (FALL)
EDSP 504 (3)          Formative Assessment and Induction Culmination (SPRING)
Electives   (6)         Select two courses of interest to candidate from a menu of options                    

          12 Semester Units

Non-University Activities:

As part of our CCTC approved course of study, Clear Induction candidates may choose to waive specific course elements via approved Non University Based Activities.

Completion and Filing for your Clear Education Specialist Credential:

To be eligible for the Professional Clear Education Specialist Credential at Sonoma State University, the candidate must complete a period of induction for at least one (1) full year with a field mentor (support provider); must successfully complete an approved Clear Induction program; and, must be recommended for the Professional Clear Education Specialist Credential by Sonoma State University.

Clear Induction Program Planner
Schedule of Classes



EDSP 501 (3)

EDSP 504 (3)

Elective (3)

Elective (3)