Master of Arts in Education

Educational Leadership

Overview of the Program

The Administrative Services Credential Programs (Preliminary Administrative Services, Professional Administrative Services, or Preliminary Intern Credential) are designed collaboratively by SSU faculty and local school administrators to prepare graduates for positions of leadership in P-12 education institutions. All students are admitted starting in the fall of each academic year. The courses in the preliminary administrative services credential program may be applied to the educational leadership program area of concentration for the M.A. Degree in Education. This course of study is set up to be a strong learning community. Each student stays with his/her cohort for the entire program. EDEL 580A is the first class taken in August and EDEL 580B is the last class taken the following June.

The Professional Administrative Services Program is for practicing administrators who have completed the Preliminary Administrative Services Program, and these units are not typically used in an M.A. Program as an area of concentration.


Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Courses:

All of the following course must be completed for this credential, and there are no elective courses offered. A maximum of 18 of the following units may be applied to the Educational Leadership program area of concentration for the M.A. degree.

  • EDEL 580A Educational Leadership and School Management (3 units)
  • EDEL 580B Educational Leadership and School Management (3 units)
  • EDEL 581 Management of Educational Personnel: Policies and Procedures (3 units)
  • EDEL 582 Educational Policy and Politics (3 units)
  • EDEL 583 School Law (3 units)
  • EDEL 588 Educational Curriculum, Instruction, and Program Assessment (3 units)
  • EDEL 589 Leadership with Diverse Populations (3 units)
  • EDEL 587 Field: Experiences in Administration (3 units per semester for two semesters [taken credit/ no credit and not usually applied to the M.A.])

NOTE: Once admitted, candidates also completing their MA may take EDUC 570 in the summer before the cohort program begins. All other M.A. core courses should be taken after completing the credential classes.

Advising Procedure

The Educational Leadership faculty are the MA advisors for everyone in that cohort. They will be the candidate’s advisor until the chair of the candidate’s committee is selected.

Requirements for Admission

  • In addition to the general admission requirements of advanced credential programs, Preliminary Administrative Services Credential candidates must:
  • Verify five years of appropriate full-time experience from their educational employer.
  • Secure favorable recommendations from two school administrators indicating possession of administrative and leadership potential and demonstrated leadership experience.
  • Submit evidence of successful passage of CBEST before or within the first semester of program coursework.
  • For information please contact either:
    School of Education Credential Services Office or the Department of Educational Leadership and Special Education in Stevenson Hall 1078 at 707-664-3115.