Educational Leadership PASC 2

The Professional Credential program (PASC II) offers advanced study and fieldwork for practicing administrators in all areas of educational leadership. The program builds upon candidate experience and offers an opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues from area school districts. This program is designed to be work-embedded. Candidates will explore an area of focus related to their work environment.

The program is 12 semester units and focuses on candidates examining the six administrative standards adopted by the CTC. The program is offered on five Saturdays in the fall semester and five Saturdays in the spring semester.

The PASC II program consists of the following requirements:

Candidates in EDEL 590A(2) will develop in consultation with their employer and SSU program faculty, an induction plan that meets the Professional Administrative Services Credential requirements. The plan will reflect an assessment of the administrator’s strengths and needs, future professional goals, and requirements of the position in which the candidates work. The plan will include a mentoring component, and a plan for the completion of the academic requirements leading to the Professional Administrative Services Clear Credential.

EDEL 596 A and C
EDEL 596A is the first of two “content” courses in the Professional Clear Administrative Program at Sonoma State University and EDEL 596C is the second and last in the series of content courses for the Professional Clear Administrative Credential. The courses are designed to study six substantive educational problems that are developed for this year’s program. Each problem is studied from the perspective of the Six CCTC Administrative Standards, and provides a deeper understanding of both the educational problem and the administrative standards. This helps students understand complex problems from a systems perspective, and helps administrators develop the skills to evaluate situations from a variety of lenses.

EDEL 596 B and D (2 units in the fall and 2 units in the spring)
Candidates enrolled in the Professional Clear Administrative Credential Program will work with university faculty in the development, execution, analysis, and critique of a Collaborative Action Research Project. The Collaborative Action Research Project should involve an issue/problem/topic in the student’s current position. The proposal and methodology are developed in the fall and the project is carried out until May when findings are written up and presented to other candidates in the program.

EDEL 590B Assessment of Completion of Induction Plan (2)
During the final semester of the program, candidates will enroll in EDEL 590B(2), Competency Review Seminar. During this seminar, the candidate, in conjunction with program faculty and the employing school district, will determine that the induction plan proposed in Ed 590A, has been completed. The Competency Review will include review of the special concentration in Advanced Field Experience and the development of an on-going future professional development plan that reflects student strengths, and areas of need that are identified during the PASC II Program.