Meet Our Leadership Students

Meet our Educational Leadership from our Administrative Credential Program and our Educational Leadership Master's Program students.

Ed Navarro

Ed Navarro is an Educational Leadership Credential candidate with a background in teaching.

Ed is enthusiastic about constantly improving his teaching strategies and challenging himself to rethink how he connects with students. He is interested in building curriculum around student learning and making the education experience far more student centered. He appreciates how the credential program has offered him the opportunity to expand his lens on education.

Kirsten Sanft

Kirsten Sanft is an Educational Leadership Credential candidate at Sonoma State with a background in education as a teacher.

Kirsten expresses how the courses at Sonoma have informed her in regards to the history of education, how it has evolved and how to use these learnings to inform her decisions as an administrator. She discusses the importance of providing a strong base in education to make a difference for the future of society.

Suzanne Tribbey

Suzanne Tribbey is an Educational Leadership Credential candidate at Sonoma State, coming from a background in special education as a school psychologist

Coming from years of experience in the special education field, Suzanne has appreciated being able to look at education with a wider lens, to be able to bring both the special education and general education populations together to reach a common goal. She feels that she is now able to reach more students at the administrative level in order to affect greater change.

Sharon Howell

Sharon Howell is an Educational Leadership Credential candidate who has had several years of experience in education as a teacher, teacher's aid, counselor and volunteer.

Sharon discusses her lifelong passion for learning and how much she appreciates the opportunity to continue her journey in education. She also offers how so much of her learning from the program has not only come from professors but also her fellow students.

Jennifer Hansen

Jennifer Hansen is an Educational Leadership Credential candidate at Sonoma State and came to the program after accepting a job as an assistant principal.

Jennifer is excited to be a part of the program so that she can be better prepared to help students become successful both inside and outside the classroom. She appreciates how applicable the program has been to her job and how she has been able to connect with students and parents in different ways.