School of Education: Legal Seminar Videos

Illegal Discrimination: Goals



Dr. Erma Jean Sims,
Sonoma State University

There are four main goals to this session on illegal discrimination. The first goal is to help teachers to understand what illegal discrimination is. The second goal is to help teachers gain an awareness and understanding of the laws that pertain to illegal discrimination and how to prevent legal liability. The third goal is to help teachers recognize their own assumptions, bias, and taken for granted realities that may foster illegal discrimination in their classrooms. The fourth goal is to identify ways to prevent illegal discrimination and to provide a safe, supportive and positive environment for all children. We will accomplish these goals by reviewing the law that pertains to illegal discrimination. We will also discuss some scenarios on illegal discrimination. This will give you an opportunity to make real world application of the law to these scenarios. These scenarios are designed to heighten your conscienciousness to similar situations that you may encounter in your own classroom. At the end of this session on illegal discrimination, you will be able to do four things. First, you will be able to understand your duty to prevent illegal discrimination. Secondly, you will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the California law and the federal law pertaining to illegal discrimination. Third, you will be able to act in accordance with the state and federal laws. Lastly, you will be able to recognize incidence of illegal discrimination and take appropriate action.

CREDITS: Instruction and Content by Dr. Erma Jean Sims, Sonoma State University. Videography and Technical support by Mark Niemann, Sonoma State University