Teachers working together to plan a lesson a teacher working closely with one of her male students on an assignment A group of 4th grade students standing proudly in front of their wall size construction paper model of a gold mine in their classroom a line of colorful backpacks hanging in a row on a classroom wall Faculty collaborating with their laptops to learn new educational technology applications Our student teachers work with experienced mentors at local schools like this classroom at Kid Street Charter School in Santa Rosa

About the Multiple Subject Credential Program at Sonoma State University

The goal of SSU’s Multiple Subject Credential program is to prepare aspiring teachers to play a vital role in California public schools. The diversity of our school population in terms of culture, social class, gender, language, and race, significant focus of our coursework and field experiences. Upon completing the program, you will have both breadth and depth of knowledge about teaching and learning, and you will be capable of making informed decisions in diverse settings.

The University and the school districts within our service area view teacher education as a shared responsibility. The University provides a broad base of information about research and theory necessary for teaching, while school districts provide the classrooms for field experiences and student teaching. Collaboration between university-based teacher educators and school district teachers provides a strong foundation for the program's goal of excellence.

The Multiple Subject program is based on the belief that learning to teach requires building a professional knowledge base honed by practice in varied classroom settings. Thus, our curriculum integrates coursework with field study throughout the entire program in order to develop practical theory and to promote collaboration between the university and the public schools.

When you complete the program, your combined coursework and field experience, you will be:

  • knowledgeable and about learners, learning, and teaching
  • sensitive to diversity and informed about cultures and prepared to continue your own professional growth and development

Upon completion of the Multiple Subject Credential program, you will be awarded the SB2042 Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential with English Language Learner Authorization embedded. The credential will be in place for five years, during which time you will attend the California Teacher Induction Program, formerly known as Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment program (BTSA) via your employer. Upon completion of the California Teacher Induction Program, staff from California Teacher Inducation Program will file for your final, or Clear, credential which you will then renew on the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) website every five years by linking to your credential record and paying a fee to the state of California.

Read the program structure, and requirements.