Multiple Subject Placement Information

The Sonoma State University model of teacher preparation, Collaboration for the Renewal of Education (CORE), goes beyond that of a traditional student teaching placement. CORE has grown out a rich history of teacher prep that has its roots in the clinical observation, peer coaching, and team models of professional development. CORE draws from this background and incorporates the best characteristics from these models.

Multiple Subject credential candidates participate in fieldwork at a specific CORE school site for one year, moving to a new classroom at semester break. An orientation meeting is held at end of semester prior to placement to help candidates learn about CORE sites. Candidates are placed in collaborative pairs in classrooms whenever possible. In addition to systematically assuming greater instructional responsibilities within their assigned classroom, candidates regularly observe peers and mentor teachers. On a pre-arranged day each week, the university supervisor is on-site to observe candidates teaching, deliver or participate in classroom instruction, meet with the mentor teachers, and hold on-site small group seminars.

mentor and student teacher

EDMS 482P – Part-Time Student Teaching

Newly admitted students will attend an orientation during which they will be hear about the CORE sites and submit a placement request form.

FLEX students will request a placement by downloading the request form and reading the CORE site descriptions. Submit a placement request by April 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester.

EDMS 482F –Full-Time Student Teaching

All 482P students will submit a placement update form. Forms will be distributed by the University supervisors or can be downloaded. Students may request a move from their 482P sites which will be reviewed by the Multiple Subject Program Director. Placement update forms are due by April 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester.

Placement Request Forms: (PDF)
EDMS 482P or EDMS 482F

Please note that school site days are subject to change.  If your site day changes, we will help you rearrange your class schedule. If you are not listed, please be sure you have submitted a placement form!


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