Multiple Subject Program Portfolio Support and Information

The faculty of this department believe that learning and teaching are complex social acts involving thought, preparation, practice, assessment and reflection. When all these factors are attended to, growth over time is the result.

The digital portfolio is a way for you, as a candidate in the Multiple Subject Credential Program, to demonstrate professional growth over time. Your overall teaching preparation is represented through a combination of entries including samples of your work in courses, lesson plans, artifacts, rationales and reflections. You choose the work that goes into your portfolio to represent your growing knowledge as a teacher.

This site is provided to assist you in the development of your Phase 1 and Phase 2 portfolios—CWS1 and CWS2-PACT respectively.

CWS1 is due on December 11, 2017 by midnight.

CWS1 Share List

Submit all CWS 2-PACT Portfolios for REVIEW to MSFacReview account on October 28, 2017 by midnight.

Submit CWS2.2 to MSFacReview account on December 11, 2017 by midnight.

Find each portfolio template in Livetext by the following titles in the "Portfolios" folder:

CWS-2 PACT-Portfolio
CWS-1 Portfolio
CWS-2 Part 2

All Portfolios, CWS1, CWS2 Part 1 (PACT TE) and CWS2 Part 2, should use the following labeling format :

LAST NAME ID#  CWS2 PACT Semester + Date (ex. S16 or F16)


  1. SURNAME 001111234 CWS1 F16
  2. SURNAME 001111234 CWS2 PACT F16
  3. SURNAME 001111234 CWS2.2 F16

You will need to become familiar with digital portfolio development. Knowing the answer to the following questions is necessary: