The PUERTA Project at Sonoma State University

The Preparing Underrepresented Educators to Realize their Teaching Ambitions (PUERTA) Project is a U.S. Department of Education, Title V Individual Development Grant-funded project designed to increase the number of Hispanic and Latino students qualified to teach in public elementary schools and secondary schools. Sonoma State University (SSU) has launched PUERTA as a campus-wide approach that will include recruiting teacher education candidates, providing supportive advising, offering high-impact programs, including Summer Bridge, Freshman Year Experience, and Freshman Learning Communities, providing Supplemental Instruction led by peer tutors, providing teaching career readiness practical opportunities and improving institutional practices to remove barriers that prevent students from earning a teaching credential. Starting in spring of 2018, SSU will establish the PUERTA Centro for Diversity in Teaching as a place where Hispanic and Latino students interested in the teaching profession can receive advising, counseling and career services, and academic assistance in a supportive environment in a dedicated 1,200 square foot space in the SSU Student Center.

Through the PUERTA Centro and the School of Education at Sonoma State, the following programs are provided to Hispanic/Latinx students considering a career in teaching:

Academic Support

Targeted advising and counseling services to provide you with the support you need to successfully pass your undergraduate courses.

Teacher Credential Test Prep

Individualized in person and online test-taking workshops to prepare you for the CBEST and CSET exams required for teacher credential applicants.

Collaboration and Networking Activities

Opportunities to work with peers and network with mentors at Sonoma State who will support you achieving your teaching career goals.

Undergraduate and Credential Advising

Advising specific for those considering a career in teaching that focuses on the undergraduate pathways to teaching credential programs, as well as support applying to SSU’s teacher credential programs

PUERTA Centro for Diversity in Teaching Resource Support

Advising, counseling and career services as well as support navigating other barriers—such as DACA, housing, healthcare, financial aid, FAFSA, etc.

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