Support the School of Education

A healthy, thriving community relies on powerful schools. At the School of Education we prepare about 40% of the teachers for our local area and most of the local school administrators. We are committed to serving our local area K-12 students by preparing the best teacher candidates. Reach out and support the School of Education now.

Top initiatives to support in the School of Education

Under the direction of the Dean, the School continues to expand its collaboration with the local school educational community to increase student learning opportunities by:

  1. providing professional development for teachers and leaders;
  2. supporting University and School-based initiatives for collaboration;
  3. supporting non-education-based enterprises in connecting with schools; and
  4. supporting faculty and staff and other education innovations.

We believe that the School of Education at Sonoma State University is a partner with the P-14 (Pre-School to Two-Year Degree) education community in meeting the needs of all children. Your generous contribution will support top priority innovations in local schools and in the School of Education. Click here to make a one-time or recurring donation.