Foundational Level General Science Teaching Credential Institute, Summer 2018

The Foundational Level General Science Teaching Credential Institute will prepare teachers to earn a Foundational Level General Science (FLGS) California Teaching Credential. The Summer 2017 Institute will provide intensive review of science concepts and CSET test preparation. The FLGS Credential authorizes teaching integrated science through 8th grade and general science at the high school level (as opposed to college-prep high school biology, chemistry, or physics).

The FLGS Teaching Credential Preparation Institute at Sonoma State University will:

  • Provide an intensive review of science concepts (astronomy, earth science, physics) and skills required for the CSET tests (subtests 1 and 2).
  • Provide the required secondary science teaching methods course: EDSS 444 Secondary Science Teaching Methods (3 semester units)
  • Provide test preparation
  • Cover fees such as SSU Extended Education class fees, reimburse the test registration fees, and credential filing fees. (Participant pays for textbooks.)

How Much Will the FLGS Institute Cost?

There is no fee to participate in the FLGS Institute, but enrollees must purchase their own textbooks. Enrollees will need to register for July CSET subtests #1 and #2. Test registration fees and credential fees will be entirely refunded to those who complete the Institute. All other course costs are covered including SSU Extended Education fees.

Summer 2018 Institute

DATES: June 11-28, 2018            

TIMES: Mon-Thurs 9:00 am - 3:30 pm    

At Piner High School, Santa Rosa        

1700 Fulton Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

(Note: Not at Elsie Allen this year)

Application EXTENDED Deadline: June 1st

Download the FLGS Preparation Institute brochure (pdf)

Two ways to apply for the FLGS Institute:

Apply Online, or

Apply by Mail: Download, Print and Mail your Application Form (pdf)