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Quick Talks at the Teacher Technology Showcase

Want to hear from innovators in the field of eduational technology? Not tech gurus, but real educators who work with students every day? Be sure to come to the Quick Talk stage at the Teacher Technology Showcase to hear, in a brief and informative presentations, valuable nuggets of information about how these educaotrs have made tranformative change in their teaching with the aid of new technologies!

Quick talks about ed tech

LISTEN for 5 MINUTES! Learn something new!

The Quick Talk stage at the Teacher Technology Showcase offers a quick intro to how people, from K-12 to the university, are implementing technologies in new ways to increase student engagement and boost student learning.

5:00 Engaging Students in the Classroom Using 5 Tech Tools

Sandy Ayala, Assistant Professor, Special Education, Educational Leadership and Special Education Department

Learn how to use five common tech tools in the classroom to engage students in project based learning, brainstorming, presentation building and demonstrating learning.

5:15 Zaption in Action

Megan Taylor, Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Education, Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education

Zaption can be used to unpack videos of classroom teaching and learning. This session will also provide some ideas for how teachers might use the software with students.

5:30 Converting a Written Assignment into an A/V Activity
Michelle Kelly, Professor & Director Post License BSN Program

5:45 Web Conferencing: Share your Screen, Share your World

Noelia Franzen, SSU Interim Faculty Center Director, Academic Technology Manager

Can web-conferencing be used for more than a Skype-like tool to invite a virtual guest speaker into your classroom? Noelia talks about how Zoom web-conferencing can be used by teachers and students to share their world inside and outside the classroom.

6:00 Student Created Websites to Promote Reflection and Transformation

Cinzia Forasiepi, Multiple Subject Advisor & Placements Coordinator, Literacy Studies and Elementary Education

Students build websites as a place to blog, collect resources for teaching/learning and show the world how they have grown as ESL/ELD teachers. This session will show a few of these webesites and discuss structure, pedagogial reasons for choosing blogs/websites and the reactions.

6:15 Incorporation of Smart Phone Apps to Increase Student Success in Science**

Carmen Works and Monica Lares, Department of Chemistry

Most students today have a device that they can use to increase their success in courses. Several faculty in the Chemistry Department use “ShowMe” and “Socrative” to increase student engagement and success in our courses.

**This talk will demo these two apps available to both students and faculty. To participate please pre-load Socrative-Student on your smart phone or tablet.

6:30 Universal Design: Technology for All

Sue Cullen, Assistant Director, Accessible Technology Initiative, CSU Office of the Chancellor

Do all your student utilize technology the same way? What may be easy for one student is difficult for another. Learn techniques of universal design to successfully engage students of different abilities with technology in the classroom.

6:45 Using Smartphones to Supplement Classroom Reading

Rhianna Casesa, Assistant Professor, Literacy Studies and Elementary Education

In an era when most college students and many elementary students bring portable devices to school (such as cell phones), it is important to capitalize upon this technology to promote classroom reading.