MSDS Filing System

Three Step Filing

  1. Highlight the chemical name or common name on the first page of the MSDS.
  2. Write in the department or area that uses the chemical/product in the upper right hand corner of the MSDS as appropriate.
  3. Order by chemical or trade name into binders with the MSDS' filed alphabetically.

Alphabetical Order Details

  • Filing order for chemicals does not consider numbers or punctuation, only the chemical name.
    • File using "dichlorobenzene" and not "2,4-dichlorobenzene".
  • Also, filing order for chemicals uses all of the letters in the chemical name. Examples are:
    • "tert-butyl alcohol" is filed as "tertbutylalcohol"
    • "N,N-dimethylamine" is filed as "NNdimethylamine"
    • "L-phenylalanine" is filed as "Lphenylalanine"
  • Filing order by trade name uses the full product name as listed on MSDS. An example is, "Super Window Cleaner".
  • Filing order by generic product description will include the manufacturer. Examples are, "Fixer, Kodak" and "Insecticide, Dow".
  • Cross file by trade name and chemical name as appropriate. For example, Chevron diesel fuel should be filed as "Chevron Diesel Fuel" with a cross filing of "Diesel, Chevron".