Satellite Accumulation Inspection Checklist

Check if your waste collection container is in compliance with Title 22 requirements.

  • Is the accumulation start date clearly marked on each hazardous waste container? [22 CCR 66262.34(e)(1)(C)]
  • Does each container have a hazardous waste label identifying its contents? [22 CCR 66262.34(f)(3)(A)]
  • Is the composition and physical state of the material identified? [22 CCR 66262.34(f)(3)(a)]
  • Labeled according to specific hazards? [22 CCR 66262.34(f)(3)(B)]
  • Is the name and department of generator legible? [22 CCR 66262.34(f)(3)(C)]
  • Is secondary containment provided for incompatible wastes in the same area? [40 CFR 265.177]
  • Are containers kept closed when not in use? [40 CFR 265.173]
  • Is the volume of waste in one room less than 55 gallons or 1 liter for extremely hazardous waste? [40 CFR 262.34, 22 CCR 66262.34 (e)(1)]
  • Are containers compatible with contents? [40 CFR 265.172]
  • Is the material under the one year storage limit for satellite accumulation? [22 CCR 66262.34(e)(1)(B)]
  • Are containers free from leaks, corrosion, and otherwise in good condition? [40 CFR 265.171]