Hazardous Waste Management

Simplified Guide for Primary Hazardous Waste Generators at SSU

Characterizing Your Waste

Note: If you are not certain about the status of your waste materials, contact Environmental Health & Safety for a waste determination.

Disposal Request Forms

Complete the Hazardous Waste Information Form and return to EH&S for all hazardous waste disposal requests.

Completed Hazardous Waste Information Form Examples

Hazardous Waste Labels

Legible and up-to-date labels are required on each hazardous waste container.

Pre-Formatted Labels for Common Waste Streams

Inspection Checklist

Use the Satellite Accumulation Inspection Checklist to evaluate your accumulation site. When every box is checked, indicating a "Yes" to each question, your hazardous waste collection container is in compliance with Title 22 requirements.


University hazardous waste management services are limited to hazardous waste generated from campus business operations. The Sonoma County Eco-Desk provides hazardous and solid waste recycling and disposal information for home use by employees, Residence Hall occupants and campus employees at home.

Visit the Sonoma County Household Hazardous Waste Information site for more information.

Illegal Disposal

There have been occasions when individuals have intentionally dumped or abandoned hazardous mataerials at Sonoma State University. Waste motor oil, antifreeze, paints, and solvents are the most frequently encountered types of materials.

You can help guard the health of the campus community and protect the environment by reporting illegal hazardous materials disposal.