Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment includes any equipment that is required for employees to perform their job in a safe manner as specified in applicable occupational safety and health regulations. PPE does not include cloth uniforms, lab coats, rain gear, or other equipment that is not mandated by regulation. See the Personal Protective Equipment Policy, the PPE Order Form, and the PPE Special Order Form for details.

See specific procedures in the PPE Policy for students and student supervisors.

Safety Shoes for Employees

Sonoma State University provides safety shoes for full-time staff that may require foot protection due to potential hazards on the job. Employees may select from a variety of steel-toe boots from two local vendors via a voucher program that covers the cost of most standard work boots. Vouchers are available from EHS. See the Safety Shoe Procedure for details.

Safety Shoes for Students

Safety shoes are provided for student workers under a semester based reimbursement progam. Student workers also select steel-toe boots from two local vendors. Signatures for reimbursement forms are available from EHS. See the Student Shoe Reimbursement Program for details.