Safety Shoe Cheat Sheet

Please observe the following steps to get your safety shoes.

  1. Manager must provide signed completed “Intermittent Employee Safety Shoe Reimbursement Form”.
  2. EH&S provides the student with “Approved Shoe list” and clear instruction for the following:
    1. Student pays for shoes up front after receiving Manager and EH&S authorization.
    2. EH&S must receive a copy of the receipt to reimburse. If the receipt is lost student must obtain another copy.
    3. EH&S will retain the receipt and form signed by manager. Student must request reimbursement at the end of each semester. EH&S will not automatically complete.
  3. Once the semester of service has been completed and the student requests reimbursement then complete “Employee Business Expense Reimbursement (non-travel form) and submit to Accounts Payable. Ask the student if they want the check mailed or held and customer service. Provide a note and necessary information on the form for the given selection. (Note on the original form signed by manager, the payment amount and date in space provided, and retain in safety shoe file with receipt.)
  4. After the second semester of service (summer counts as a semester) repeat step 3.
  5. If the student employee is working a second year and wants another pair of boots, the previous boots must be evaluated to ensure they can no longer be used; that they cannot be resoled or have insoles replaced. If new boots are necessary then start over at step 1.