Sustainability: Campus Resident Questionnaire

The following questionnaire has been designed to allow you to gain a better understanding of the energy used and impact from using the equipment and utilities in your residence. We recommend that you manipulate the uses of equipment to learn how that impacts your total energy use. If you would like more information or would like to look at more extensive energy calculators, please visit Save Energy Money.


For the following list of household items, state whether or not you have the equipment. If you do, state on average, how many hours per week you use it. If the equipment is always in use, such as an alarm clock, please select 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Items such as mini fridges, cooktops, and dishwashers are all incorporated in the base energy usage of each village selected above.

Appliance Hours Per Day Days Per Week
Portable Fans
Answering Machine
Equipment charger (ipod, cell phone etc.)
Computer and Monitor
Cordless Phone
Fax/Copy Machines
Laptop and Charger
Printer (Laser)
Printer (Ink Jet)
Stereo, Desktop
Stereo, Portable (boom box)
TV, Color (< 14 inch)
TV, Color (> 14 inch)
DVD Player
Video Games (Non PC, such as XBOX)
Clothes Iron
Curling Iron
Electric Blanket
Hair Dryer
Air Corn Popper
Drip Coffee Machine
Espresso Machine
Desk Lamp Incandescent
Table Lamp Incandescent
Floor Lamp Incandescent
Desk Lamp Fluorescent
Table Lamp Fluorescent
Floor Lamp Fluorescent
Desk Lamp CFL
Table Lamp CFL
Floor Lamp CFL

Campus Resident Estimated Electricity Usage

Totals provided are estimates only and will vary based on the information provided and variations between the age and energy efficiency of actual equipment. This usage estimate does not include natural gas used for heating spaces or domestic water.

Monthly Total (kWh):

Annual Total (kWh):

Cost (Month / Year): $ / $

Pounds of Carbon dioxide produced per year:

What can you do to lower these numbers?

1. Unplug unused equipment to reduce phantom loads. A phantom load is energy that is still being used by most equipment from televisions to computers when they are turned off. This equipment should be unplugged or should be connected to smart power strips that can sense when equipment is turned off and essentially unplugs the power so they don't continue to draw energy.

2. The Basics — turn off lights when not in the room, only open fridge to take food out or put it in, but don't leave it open while deciding what to eat. Not included in this estimate, but keep winter temperature set at 68 degrees.

Thank you for caring about our planet and your impact.