Student Activities and Galleries

  • Students attending I-CORPS, 8/6/2016

  • Presentation on Microanalysis and Measurement in Keck Lab by Dr. Saeid Rahimi (2/10/2016)
    This presentation by Dr. Rahimi included a general description of the Keck lab and its advanced instruments, followed by a tour of the laboratory. Dr. Hongtao Shi, the Keck lab director demonstrated the use of some instruments which included: Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometer (LIBS).br clear="right" />

  • The Engineering Club & SWE hosted Switch Vehicles
    The Engineering Club and SWE students hosted the representatives of Switch Vehicles, a pioneer in designing and building electric vehicles in Sebastopol, CA. Mr. Peter Oliver, CEO of Switch Vehicles, Inc., talked about the Switch vehicle and variety of educational programs the company offers to students.

  • MSCES Graduate student, Hanan Sedaghatpisheh, directed her first movie, "Life Through My Eyes" for 2015 Campus MovieFest (CMF). "I wanted to offer a personal account of the issues and difficulties that International students encounter as they arrive; things that they rarely get a chance to discuss with others," Sedaghatpisheh explains. Hanan and her team only had four days to conceptualize, plan, shoot and edit their three-minute movie, which also featured public domain music and credits. The movie was selected among Top 16 Movie Finalists by CMF's Jury. Join us in congratulating Hanan and her team on this achievement!
  • Engineering Club and Society of Women Engineers members visit Raydiance in Fall 2014. Raydiance designs and installs fully integrated manufacturing lines for customers with applications in the Consumer Electronics, Medical Device, Automotive, and Industrial markets. Pictured from left to right are: Nader Srouji, Andrew Kreidle, Kyle Goshia, Maram Salameh, Mack Blacksmith, Alyssa Afaese, Alberto Martos, Kanti Bhat and Hanan Sedaghatpishe.

  • 2014 Electrical Engineering Graduates; from left to right: Scott Parmley, Chio Saephan, Eric Waugh and Josh Disbrow

  • Science Symposium 2014; from left to right: Juan Magana, Chio Saephan, Eric Waugh and Scott Parmley

  • Geek Week 2014

    Plane Competition

  • Branden Kessell's Senior Project, Parker Motion Control, YouTube Video (08/26/2013)
  • Geek Week 2013

  • On February 22, 2013, some members of Engineering Club visited Parker in Rohnert Park. Here from left to right are: Steve Danek of Parker, Josh Disbrow, Eric Waugh, Scott Parmley, Allison Jenks, Alberto Maldonado and Casey White. (Photo cortesy of Branden Kessell)

  • Engineering Club's visit of Agilent Technologies in Santa Rosa, CA, November 16, 2012; from left to right: Dr. Don Estriech, Eric Waugh, Branden Kessell, Josh Disbrow, Luis Reyes, Dustin Goodyear, Alec White, Chio Finh and the host Mike Powers of Agilent.

  • Branden Kessell and Peiwen Yu participated in CSU Research Competition on May 5, 2012. Standing from left to right: Vanessa Hernandez, Carissa Green, Jeff Baldwin, Ostin Moon, Merith Weisman and Nicholas Steele; sitting from left to right: Stephanie Schmidt, Branden Kessell and Peiwen Yu

  • Geek Week 2012, from left to right: Ben Valdovinos, Branden Kessell and Eric Waugh

  • SSU Engineering Club students visited Agilent Technologies in Santa Rosa, Ca, on December 9, 2011.

  • Eric Waugh and Scott Parmley from Engineering Club participated in SSU Counselor Connection workshop on Friday 10/7 in Cooperage Hall. Over 133 local area community college and high school counselors had registered to attend this event.

  • Engineering Science students attended a workshop in Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster (SMBC) to learn about the business behind a successful technology. SMBC is home to over 20 startup companies in Rohnert Park, CA. We like to thank Dr. Michael P. Newell, Executive Director of SMBC, for arranging this workshop.

  • Engineering Science Students visited Agilent's Open Area Test Site (OATS) in Rohnert Park, on September 20th. We would like to thank Alicia Benson and Tim Peterson from Agilent Technology for their kind assistance in arranging this visit.

  • Faculty and students from the Department of Engineering Science at Sonoma State University participated in the first Pathway to Clean Energy event in Santa Rosa Downtown, on June 20, 2011. This event sponsored by Solar Sonoma County. Over 70 solar and energy efficiency vendors, local green businesses, and training institutions participated.

    Solar Energy and Efficiency Fair

    In this event, Connor Rutten, SSU high school summer intern from Maria Carillo high school, displayed his project, a portable solar energy power station. This project was supervised by Dr. Ali Kujoori and Dr. Farid Farahmand from the Department of Engineering Science at Sonoma State University. Conner demonstrated how a solar power station operates, charges batteries, and power up home appliances.
  • 2011 BSES Graduates
    2011 BSES Graduates

    From left to right: Adrian Fierros, Philip Brault, department chair Dr. Jagan Agrawal, Kyler Connelly, Brooks Hanley and Dr. Farid Farahmand

  • MS-CES Graduate student gathering on May 10, 2011
  • Engineering students participated in Geek Week 2011.
    Engineering students participated in Geek Week 2011

    From left to right: Adrian Fierros, Brooke Abel, Brooks Hanley, Scott Parmley, Eric Waugh, Kyler Connelly, Daniel Ryan and Chris Dennison

    Engineering students participated in Geek Week 2011

    From left to right: Daniel Ryan, Scott Parmley, Brooks Hanley, Kyler Connelly, Daniel Sanchez, Philip Brault, Chris Dennison, Adrian Fierros, Eric Waugh and Kyle Peterson

  • Dr. Farid Farahmand showcasing his project (Low-Cost Weight Monitoring System) during 2011 Faculty Exposition
    Dr. Farid Farahmand showcasing his project (Low-Cost Weight Monitoring System) during 2011 Faculty Exposition

    Dr. Farid Farahmand on the left with his graduate student Peiwen Yu

  • ES 110 Project Demonstrations (Fall 2010)
  • LED Puck with an accelerometer by Perrin Fine
  • High School STEM Internships (Summer 2010)
  • First Graduates of BSES
    First Graduates of BSES

    The Engineering Science department celebrated its first graduates at the Spring 2010 commencement ceremony. Below you will find the three graduates along with the department chair (left to right: Kevin Tharp, Marcos Almonaci, department chair Dr. Jagan Agrawal and Jason Ghiraldini).

  • Senior Projects (Spring 2010)
  • ES 310 Project Showcase (Spring 2010)
  • Visiting Agilent Technologies in Santa Rosa (Spring 2010)
  • Earthday 2010

    Engineering Students at Earthday 2010
    From left to right: Brooks Hanley, Eric Frank, Philip Brault, Chris Dennison and Brooke Abel

  • ES 110 Students Demonstrating Their Projects (Fall 2009)
  • Earthday 2009

    Members of the Engineering Club hosted a table to demonstrate the amount of energy consumed by typical consumer products and how they can contribute to the global energy crisis and climate change. They also demonstrated how solar panels work and how easily they can be used to power small items such as iPods, Cell Phones, etc.

    Engineering Students at Earthday 2009

    Engineering Students at Earthday 2009