Timely Information

(As of August 19, 2020)

Accelerated Path to MS-CES at Sonoma State University
As you know, the Department has been working tirelessly to offer an accelerated path to the Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer and Engineering Science at Sonoma State University. We are excited to let you know that we have produced a pathway to allow EE undergraduate students to transfer and count TWO 400-level undergraduate EE courses towards completing MS-CES program degree requirements. Thus, interested students can potentially complete the MS-CES program requirements (the remaining 26 units) in one year beyond receiving their B.S degree in EE. Please review the link above and contact Dr. Farahmand or Dr. Shrestha in case you have any questions.
Concerned about Fall Semester?
ALL EE/ES (Engineering) courses for Fall 2020 will be online and delivered via Zoom. Students enrolled in engineering laboratory courses, as in the previous semesters, are required to purchase their own parts and components. For more details about each laboratory course, please contact the appropriate lab instructor.
Need help with your reports?
The SSU Writing Center provides the university community with personalized support for nearly any writing task. For more information see Writing Resources. We highly encourage all Senior students to share their reports with the writing center for personalized support before submitting them. MS-CES students are also highly encouraged to take advantage of the recourses at the writing center before submitting their thesis or project reports.
Interested in doing an extra project or conducting research while you are away from campus?
Unfortunately, we are not sure how the engineering summer research could be carried out. However, we highly encourage all EE/MS-CES students to stay in touch with the engineering faculty and consider getting engaged in doing a project or work on a research topic. Email your advisors and ask them if they have any project ideas that you can get involved in.
Want to get in touch with your instructor?
Please see their contact infromation on Faculty and Staff.
Worried about what courses to take next semester?
The EE faculty will be sending you an email regarding advising by April 6th. If you did not receive an email, please contact Kate Lapp.
Concerned about your Internship course?
Please contact the Department chair.
Need help with Canvas?
See: Canvas.
Need help with Zoom?
See: How to Use Zoom.
Need Tutoring?
SSU's LARC (Learning and Academic Resource Center) includes the Tutorial Program, Supplemental Instruction Program and the Writing Center. All LARC programs and services have shifted to remote, mainly through Zoom. Appointments can be made online using LARC login. Tutoring is also available through MESA. Visit MESA Tutoring for more information.
Concerned about financial aid?
Contact your financial aid advisor at Things 2 Know @ FAO or (707) 664-2389.
Need support for Physical and Mental Health Concerns?
If you are experiencing physical or mental health setbacks including stress, please call Sonoma State’s Student Health Center (707-664-2921) or Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) (707-664-2153). CAPS also offers Psychological Tips for Managing Coronavirus Concerns.
Concerned about how you are doing in your classes?
We encourage you to reach out to your professors to ask questions, so you can be successful in these challenging times. If you know who your advisor is, please contact him/her for a conversation. Please remember you can always email nomacares@sonoma.edu if you want advice or need help.
Worried about remote learning in general and want to talk to someone who can help you make that switch?
Contact NomaCares at (707) 664-3833 or nomacares@sonoma.edu, and an advisor or success coach will be in touch to provide support.
Need assistance with food?
Contact CalFresh.
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